First Year Seminar Reflection

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Date:  2022-07-04


Throughout the semester, I have learned various things in school. Some of the topics learned were easy to grasp and some were challenging. Also, throughout the semester, I got to learn the type of learner that I am. Besides that, I got to learn about my academic strengths and weaknesses. During discussions, working with teams was great as I got to learn about professionalism. Here, I will reflect upon my experience in my first year.

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The topics that affected me the most include juggling stress, money, family, and work, as well as making the most of my time. The reason the first topic affected me was that it talked about my life. Often, I experience stress because of the social obligations and too many responsibilities both at home and school. On the other hand, the reason the second topic affected me the most was that fixing time to do my school work and out of school work proved difficult. Nevertheless, after the course, I managed take to charge of the situation by practicing progressive relaxation.

I am a reading and writing learner. My learning style will positively affect the face-face modality offered by WCW because the interaction will make it easy for me to read and write. Besides that, it will positively affect the fully online modality because I can read and write with ease because I enjoy having written instructions. When assignment instructions are sent online, I can manage to decipher information easily. More so, it will positively affect the blended modality offered by WCW in a way that I can manage to intermingle with anyone.

My academic strengths include writing papers, using APA, time management, staying organized, and using technology. On the other hand, my academic weaknesses include test taking, conducting research, and understanding assignment instructions. Concerning test taking, sometimes, I fail to go pat the required grade to pass because I did the assignment in a hasty manner. Regarding conducting research, I can say I am best at it, but sometimes, finding the right research that fits the context of the assignment proves problematic. Moreover, regarding comprehending instructions, sometimes, the terminology used is difficult to understand, and on most occasions, the rubric provided is beyond my understanding.

I plan on accentuating my strengths by using them as frequently as I have to. I will work on the on a daily basis to ensure that my strengths outweigh my weaknesses. On the contrary, I intend to work on my weaknesses by redefining my areas of weakness. I intend to devote most of my time by moving out from my comfort zone to practice each weakness until I turn it into a strength.


There are many benefits of working collaboratively on inter-professional teams. As Borst (n.d) indicates, one of the benefits is that it results in patient-centered care. The author affirms that it eventually results in improved services as health professionals will manage to work with one another. Besides, another benefit is that it closes all communication gaps. According to the author, when teams fail to collaborate, conflicts might emerge, which will minimize communication between the groups. As well, the author indicates that working collaboratively in inter-professional teams enables the group to recognize their strengths and weaknesses. Overall, the collaboration between and among team members is useful as it encourages teams to work efficiently.


Borst, J. (n.d). Interprofessional collaboration: An Introduction. Retrieved from

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