Final Reflection and Strengths Finder Assessment on Multidisciplinary Course

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Date:  2022-10-20

Explain how your understanding of the multidisciplinary nature of the course content has changed or been validated.

Multidisciplinary course content is an essential approach to ensuring diverse learning and synthesis of different ideas and knowledge from different disciplines. The multidisciplinary learning approach seeks the similarities and the differences between the various disciplines which promotes understanding and learning and can help learners to develop critical thinking and to solve problems from a multidisciplinary point of view. Problem-solving in the world today require one to have a grasp on the different contexts which can be facilitated by the multidisciplinary course content. Multidisciplinary course content expands the thinking and context dimension of learners and initiates the understanding of how different disciplines are related to each other and can be used to reinforce the knowledge and concepts to create holistic learning (Soetanto et al., 2012). Courses have evolved and continue to evolve, and there is going to be a greater multidisciplinary approach because integrating different disciplines improve one's critical thinking.

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Explain how the issue you discussed in Week 1 of the course can be addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective.

The issue addressed in week one of the course can be given a more multidisciplinary perspective through research on the relationship between different concepts and the similarities of primary knowledge in various disciplines and how they can be used to reinforce each other. Disciplines of knowledge are interconnected, and library research can be used to create a multidisciplinary dimension of knowledge (Soetanto et al., 2012). Visiting reputable databases can help one acquire scholarly information which is more reliable in creating a multidisciplinary course content that can be used to understand and increase the value of the week one-course content. A multidisciplinary perspective can enrich week one-course content by establishing how different disciplines contributes to the information and knowledge acquired in week one learning course content. In this case, the health issues of veterans and the ability of veteran benefits to meet the needs of the veterans require a multidisciplinary approach to understand the statistics involved, policies, government institutions and the health outcomes of the veterans.

Expand on your insights utilizing the Learning Resources.

The article identified the state and barriers that limit the ability of the veterans to access care using Veteran Affairs benefits. The learner can benefit more through the use of multidisciplinary research which assesses other related issues from different disciplines and how they affect the first discipline in question. From a multidisciplinary orientation, one can be able to identify a significant gap between the available benefits resources and the increasing number of the veterans which has increased pressure on the existing budget and programs that are designed to provide benefits to the veterans (Sandoval, 2015). The Iraq war increased the number of veterans and from a historical discipline and a legal discipline one can be able to identify the resource gap which requires a greater allocation by the government to the VA to meet the high cost of care and the growing number of veterans.

Expand on your insights utilizing your Strengths Finder Assessment results

The Strengths Finder Assessment results can be used to improve one's insight if one focus on the strengths instead of trying to change the identified weaknesses. The results indicate that I am futuristic and strategic oriented which can be used to improve one's understanding and creation of a personal profile. Being strategic and futuristic means that one can fail to see the short-term implications and profoundly dwell on the long-term and futuristic results (Buckingham & Clifton, 2001). Therefore, from the finder assessment, it is critical to improving my analytical and responsibility strengths which can improve my overall learning experience and future success.


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