Family and Group Interview Paper Example

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Date:  2022-08-23

A group/family interview consists of some interviewers commonly known as the panel, the group/family interview would include a representative, the manager, and co-worker from the area or department the interviewer would like to be. Making the group/family interview a success can be very difficult.

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As the interviewer, all factors should be considered in setting a group interview. I was privileged to act as the interviewing manager. In most of the cases, the group interviews are efficient, and they allow the interviewer to ask the questions to the targeted groups one by one. I began the group by setting venue and scheduling the events time to make sure everyone was present, having in mind that the group interview consists of group questions that make the group interactive and involve work simulation, my job was very efficient to the beginning and ask the questions. However, some problems were noted in the group interview, and this was due to lack of preparation with structures questions and making sure that questions were asked uniformly. This is an issue to note the next time I will have a group interview.

To each group members, I directed questions regarding intervention activities. These activities were the group/family problems and specific areas that need to be changed. The next operation was accessing the level of the problem, and the key areas were to ask questions regarding the behavioral survey and to revive the archival records that related to the similar problem in question. Indicating the benefits of this kind of interview, I was responsible for analyzing the problem and prioritizing the group benefits. The last was to set objectives and assess the practices based on the interventions. The groups were interactive, and one issue led to another problem were listed and solutions provided. However, using appropriate body language and eye contact was a problem, some group member could show signs of listening only to note that their minds were far away. There is the need for more interaction and some concept to break the monotony. The level of empathy was lower, I did not familiarize myself with the group members, I only noted their weakness and strength afterward, and there is a need to know each other before regarding role being played and character.


From the interview I took everything down and understood everyone, I gave members time to digest points and time to provide the next question. The communication went in line with members facial expressions showed that the conversation was a success. All seemed to move in the right manner taking into consideration that my organization set the venue and arranged everything on time, and some extra question was prepared by the organization too. The problems were predictable, and a member could guess the next question, this made their minds effectively. Every member was voluntarily given a chance to deliver the closing remarks about the interview, and one could note that the meeting came to an end because of question structuring. Identifying the problem was the first theoretical approach, then assessing the weight on every issue. Then I prioritized the difficulties analyzing each of them. The next framework was to provide the solution and action to be taken. That was the guidance from the professor comments, and it aided the flow of the interview. Next time in the hypothetical discussion will make sure I get familiarized with members to direct questions that fit their imagery positions, and another thing is to get information about the concept of study.

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