Adolescent Depression - Essay Example on Psychology

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Date:  2021-04-02

Adolescent depression refers to an emotional and mental disorder which is similar to depression in adults. Low self-esteem may cause adolescent depression, Bullying or harassment when a child is abused or harassed sexually or physically, and the influence of sex, disability and lack of social skills plow caregiving, and poor parenting may also cause depression among the teens. Traumatic early life events may leave a lasting impression, these may include a child experiencing sexual abuse, and loss of parents may cause a lasting impression on child's brain. Adolescent depression is also inherited, parents. When pessimistic thinking is developed in children at a tender age, it may cause adolescent depression.

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Signs and Symptoms

When someone experiences anxiety, persistent sadness and sad mood, irritability, when one is hopeless and negatively, irritability and slow talking then it is clear one is suffering from depression. The patient will always have difficulty concentrating, making poor decisions and forgets frequently. This person will fell fatigue due to decreased energy and may have sleepless nights or wake up very early in the morning. Weight loss and appetite loss will be evident to the patient and thought of death will occupy the better part of his or her mind. Back pains, cramps, digestive problems plus headaches will be experienced. If one experiences the above for at least two weeks, he or she may be suffering from depression.

Primary prevention fundamentally reduces psychological disorders in the community through transforming the social causes before confusion can develop. Here some non-therapeutic professionals include guidance counselors, coaches, teachers, pastors et cetera. These parties will identify the problem with the patient then provide education to both the young person and the caregiver (Brian, 2016).

In secondary prevention, the problem is known and has been repeating but not sober as such and medication may be considered here. It tries to reduce the period of psychological disorders or assist the groups at risk before their condition worsen. Secondary preventers are brought by the first interveners who are challenged and lack ideas of what they are supposed to do. The programs based on community facilities such as schools, clinics or arena to make them readily available to all. Mobile crisis service visit, self-help groups, and parent support groups are examples under this category and to downplay the fear developed from the stigma. After the development of the psychological disorders impairment, the tertiary intervention reduces this disability (Pullen, Modrcin-McCarthy, & Graf, 2000). Large institutions like drug, hospitals, and alcohol treatment centers, residential treatment centers, hold the tertiary interveners; they are also located at private therapeutic offices where many professionals are engaged.

Nursing intervention is the establishment of a relationship between client and a nurse. What matters most is trust and persistence of the customer. Since emotions involve depression, anxiety the nurse must examine his or her reactions and feelings towards the client. There should be a mutual involvement between the family or caregiver and the nurse to assist in dealing with patient feelings. It will be able to identify depression or suicide precautions needed (Blair, 2012). Nursing interveners should be able to tell if there is any risk when the patient is released to go home, for instance, does the client admit previous suicide attempt or abuse of any substance? Reinforces action the client can take when feeling depressed or suicidal. Adolescent depression among the teens can curb and the patient saved since the causes and symptoms are preventable.

In conclusion, adolescent depression is a serious health matter than has to be given a good attention. Adolescent stage is a stage in life that needs fundamental guidance and if depression becomes part of the lives of such people in this stage, then relevant nursing interventions should be put in place to help curb it.


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