Patients Psychiatry Interview Example

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Date:  2022-05-26

1. The Steps and Techniques to Include in the Development of Therapeutic Intervention and Whether and How to Include Julia and Elisa.

According to DeMaria, Weeks and Hof (2013), Marcos has developed stress and depression due to the feelings of lack of sufficient love from his mother and grandmother. The best approach that I will employ is applying Solution-Focused brief therapy in identifying the problem and staging a proper treatment. The relevance of solution-focused therapy is because both Marcos and Maria are affected by the life that they are carrying on. Therefore, I will communicate with both Maria and Marcos separately without involving Julia and Elisa to drive some mind changes in Marcos who seems to have been fed up with life.

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To develop a therapeutic alliance for Marco and Maria, I will ask Marco to have a private talk with me to enable him to open up everything, but after commending him for the strength, he has after a realization of what his parents have been going through. Through the approach, Marco will be confident of himself, and I will enable him to understand the struggles that his mother is passing through to make ends meet for Julia, Elisa, and Marco (Becvar & Becvar, 2012). I will use the concepts of Goldenberg and Goldenberg (2012) to ascertain to Marco that his grandmother has had some negative feelings about him concerning the drop of learning outcomes, inactiveness, lack of cooperation and impulsive behavior. For that reason, I will acknowledge that he is still considered a strong boy regarding the fact that he lacks moral support from parents. I will assure him that his grandmother is doing her best to make ends meet for both of them regarding the fact that she has aged and he has refused to cooperate with her. On the other hand, I will hold a private session with Maria to ascertain to her that she is a loving, caring and strong woman ever lived. No woman can manage to carry on the roles of a mother, father, moral caregiver and provider in the state of being a grandmother.

Later, I will hold a therapy session with both Marco, Maria, Julia and Elisa to drive the therapy objectives home through a series of questions. In that perspective, I will drive my questions in the manner that I will enable Marco to realize that too many roles on his grandmother make him think that he has been abandoned and that he is not loved. I will assure him that the young ones, i.e., Julia and Elisa grab much attention than he can demand thus Maria fails to balance herself.

2. How to Explain the Purpose and Function of the Genogram to Maria and Marco.

I would develop a genogram that would promote the characters and behaviors that have been prevalent across the family to enable Marco, Maria, Julia, and Elisa to realize the possibilities inherent characteristics that should not be doubted in the family life. The characteristics build through the family tree will enable Marco who is much affected and who feels as if he has the instincts of committing murder the way his mother did, will allow Marco to develop measures that will control his ego and emotions over the things that are happening along the family lines. I will use the steps in the family tree to explain the possible re-occurrence of unethical behaviors in Marco, Julia, and Elisa and ask them always to develop preventive measures to minimize the effect of such acts.

I will employ Bowen's theory of emotional interdependence which specifies that all unworthy and valued characteristics are transferable from one member in the genogram to the other through genes. Psychological problems have been running through Marcos family thus I will ascertain the fact that emotional interdependence causes the emotional torture and feelings of disgust that Marco and Maria feel (Gillen, 2010). I will assure Marco that his inert feelings to change are inherent features that were seen in his father before his mother murdered him. I will, therefore, urge him to consider some developmental practices that will enable him to heal from such feelings.

3.Relevant Information in the Genogram and how the Information Could Be Used to Give Explanations of How the Data could be Used to Articulate Diagnosis and Treatment

The genogram would outline the family life, the professional practice that the members of the family have been engaging in and the possible effects that they contributed to their behavior. The other information that would be of great importance is the prevalence of depression and anxiety levels among the members of the family tree (Becvar & Becvar, 2012). The levels of anger, incidences of suicide, mental health conditions from a critical approach, the kinds of relationships built, and racial differences if possible. Such type of information will offer ground for assuring the family members the best approach to their problems. For instance, the prevalence of depression and anger will enable Marco to try his best to avoid the instincts that he outlined that he has concerning murdering due to lack of love from his parents and Maria as his grandmother (Becvar & Becvar, 2012). The type of careers that the family has been practicing can offer reliable information that can enable Marco, and his siblings to heal and carry on a life that is far from the emotional interdependence evident in the family.


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