Exploring Instructional Emergent Writing Practices in UAE Elementary Schools - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-04-24


The propositions that form the basis for reasoning regarding contemporary learning practices in UAE within the elementary schools have specific notions that ignore any assumptions of the underlying facts. The hypotheses outline the beliefs concerning the current nature of Instructional Emergent Writing Practices that forms the basic part of their education. For instance, the suppositions affirm that the Arabic language has limited instructional hours alongside a lack of definite government targets on the senior students (Kennetz et al., 2020). Besides, the mode of learning the language in private schools differs much with the learning methods in the state-owned institutions hence creating a typical inconsistency on the nature of the education. Besides, the prevailing economic situations that directly impact the public health, the business environment along with posing any impact on the overall economy always determine the subtlety of UAE's learning environment in kindergarten schools. It is because Arabic lessons tend to depict a real-time module by majoring on the prevailing situations alongside being teacher-and textbook-centered (Kennetz et al., 2020). Besides, economic issues pose learning challenges like the unavailability of proper tools for undertaking various learning assessment programs along with inadequate teaching materials. The suppositions have therefore been supported by some situations in certain countries when assessing the underlying emergent educational practices.

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Environmental Health in the US and the Impact on Elementary Education

Recently many Americans are more sophisticated about their health status posing many questions to ask if there is something wrong in the air, water or diet, that could lead to common instances of health issues among the citizens. The situations have hindered various elementary learning practices in the country especially within the southern parts which experience high susceptibility to opportunistic conditions (Pangrazi & Beighle, 2019). Many are left with unanswered questions whether it is their behavior or genetically related problems. Several pieces of research done have revealed that environmental factors are the root cause for most types of cancer in the country. These factors include tobacco smoking, toxic chemicals, viral infections and dietary habits which issues are causing health problems to most Americans (Pangrazi & Beighle, 2019). Despite many years of effort by the US government to control the environmental pollution, it's still clear that the environmental problems are still a major disaster causing diseases and disabilities to people (Pangrazi & Beighle, 2019). The menace has therefore deteriorated elementary learning programs in regions like Haiti that have common issues relating to disease epidemics since they always want to keep their children from the problems.

Economic Issues in China and Elementary Education

China's economy serves as the second-largest in the world in terms of the normal GDP and largest in terms of Purchasing Power Parity(PPP) (Peng et al., 2020). Despite the tremendous effort in maintaining economic growth by keeping a more practical learning method, the elementary sector is still affected by numerous challenges which the government cannot solve easily. These challenges include over-investment in the education sector to withstand the impact of economic woes on their existence alongside high debt and low industrial growth (Peng et al., 2020). Besides, consumer spending has a lead slip in economic productivity as a result lack of adequate education on life skills subjects. For instance, the recent spread of Coronavirus which has become a global epidemic originated from China to other countries in the world has caused economic deterioration (Peng et al., 2020). The catastrophic event has led to the closure of many reception learning units in the country in an attempt to curb it since children always have weaker immunity to fight such diseases. The travel sanctions made by other countries due to the virus have made China lose some of her robust teachers in various schools leading to a deteriorated learning environment.

Crude Oil Price Wars in Saudi Arabia and Elementary Education

The world oil market has been shocked concerning the aggressive price war on crude oil by Saudi Arabia. Being the world's top exporter of oil, the country has fired shots in the price war on this precious product (Mahdi, 2019). The oil prices went down by a margin of 30 percent, making a surprising one day fall in the price of crude oil witnessed since the 1990's Gulf war (Mahdi, 2019). Since the sector forms the core backbone of elementary learning practices, there has a great deterioration since the country is unable to avail of the right learning materials for the preschoolers due to lack of funds.

Instructional Writing Strategies

Teachers adopt various techniques in meeting their learning objectives for preschoolers. For instance, in outlining, free-writing and clustering activities, they believe that the process should take consistent Instructional writing strategies (Graham et al., 2020). The step has helped the students to master independent learning enabling critical thinking making them strategic learners. They feel that the strategies bring fun to the learning process hence arousing preschoolers' desire to learn. According to teachers, it is the only way in delivering knowledge that is integrated with ICT, videos, sociology and multimedia tools for elementary teaching activities (Graham et al., 2020). Therefore, improving contemporary elementary learning structure incorporates four pillars of perception education that entails learning to know, to do, to be and to live. On balance, the instructional writing strategies enable preschoolers to feel a new atmosphere of experience in writing, reading, giving suggestions and comprehending different language structures.


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