Events that Led to Bee Kill - Paper Example

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Date:  2021-04-05

The killing of bumble bees in the parking lot of Wilsonville, southwest of Portland, Oregon was very massive that over 25000 bees died. The events that necessitated the kill was suspected to be pesticides or pollen that were already toxic. This was after some species of trees were treated from aphids and other feeding insects.

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The trees are said to have been treated with neonicotinoid insecticide and dinotefuran a few days before the bee kill. The pesticides used brought a great magnitude of losses since it targeted insects and bees being among the group, could not be saved. The bees killed are beneficial pollinators, and by killing them, the event of pollination are left in jeopardy. Just like how the growers are not allowed to spray a lot of insecticides during the period of tree flowering, it should not have happened to the flowering trees that led to dozens of bee killing.

The Application of Pesticides.

The application of the pesticide was against the law since the bees killed were acting as agents of pollination. Massive killing of the bees would mean that there would be endangered species which are a target to extinction and that is unlawful. When applying the pesticide, the label of the dinotefuran states that the pesticides are to be applied to the ornamental plants and forests and for trees in the forested that are pollinated by bees or other invertebrates, the application should be post bloom. This rule was not clearly followed to the later and thus the disaster. The toxicity level of dinotefuran is high such that it is reported that it can kill 50% of the bees population at less than half the amount. It is considered twice as toxic to the bees. Individual licensed to use pesticides should follow all the rules and comply with them to avoid useful insect extinction.

Oregon Department of Agriculture

The Oregon Department of Agriculture placed an 180-day immediate ban for any use of dinotefuran. The agency considered the extent of the problem at hand and the incidents reported or confirmed. They sought to know if the rules on dinotefuran can be used in a way that minimizes harm to pollinators. They wanted the instructions to be made clear so as to communicate the threat that the product poses to pollinators.

They indicated that a product could have the best science and engineering whereby the risks are quantified, but the homeowners might not follow the instructions making it worse. The ban was necessary even though most people were unaware of the restrictions since they did not know the dinotefuran products but the step had to be taken so as the pollinators could be kept safe.

The court decision

According to the ruling made by the court, they decided that the bumblebees were killed by improper pesticide application and the product was not to be blamed. With the findings from the Oregon Department of Agriculture, they noticed that the Indians trees were booming, the label of Dinotefuran indicated the product was hazardous to bee when used on flowering trees and also that it was a violation of the law to use the pesticides under some circumstances.

The company responsible was fined and so was the applicators. The fine was equivalent to$555. In my opinion, the punishment was too light since the individuals were only fined and no other measures were taken. What was involved was more than ignorance. It involved the massive murder of important insect which is pollinators. The punishment offered to the individuals who risked the lives of more than 25000 bees for not following instructions was also light.


More strict registration standards for the products of Dinotefuran and imidacloprid was issued. The label is supposed to ban the application on linden and basswood species. Pollinator protection and training sessions in public were made. The changes were appropriate since the public needed to be educated about the products and how to use them so that a similar event can be avoided. Some people might be using the pesticides without the knowledge of its impacts, and the resolutions were considerate since it would help to mitigate future accidents.

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