Events of 8th October 1998 Essay

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I was born on 8th October 1998. Major events happened on this day of the month both in the United States and other parts of the world. In the United States, there was a harshly phrased discussion that lasted for hours in the house of representative concerning the inquiry of possibilities of impeaching President Clinton. On the same date in Japan, Japanese Prime Minister Obuchi Keizo issued a strong apology on behalf of his to the South Korean people for the harsh colonial rule for over 35 years. On the same week astronomers at the Space Telescope Science Institute reported seeing galaxies dated back to 12 billion light-years away using the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS).

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Impeachment against President Clinton

After a series of speculations and happenings, the House of Representatives voted along party lines on the afternoon of October 8th, 1998 to begin an inquiry for the possible justification for the impeachment of President Bill Clinton (Posner and Richard, 2009). The inquiry had possibilities of another house vote to ascertain whether Clinton should face trial in the Senate. This was authorized by a momentous 258-176 vote. A total of 31 Democrats broke ranks with the president. It was feared in the white house that there could be a wholesale defection.

The happenings of this day created a crisis for Clinton that threatened his presidency. This event became a third in the history of republics for over 222 years of history for such step to be taken. Both sides cited the constitution, the shadow of the precedent and the founding fathers in their debate (Posner and Richard, 2009). Representatives from the democratic side complained that the proceeding was unfair because they had little time to defend themselves. They claimed that the process had been politicized though Mr. Clinton himself became less confrontational about the matter.

After all the debates there was sufficient evidence for impeachment of Mr. Clinton. The trial began at the Senate. The Republicans had 55 seats, and a two-thirds vote (67 senators) was necessary to impeach President Clinton (Morris and Irwin, 2018). Only 50 senators voted against President Clinton, and no member of his democratic party voted him as guilty of all the charges. President Bill Clinton was acquitted all charges by Senate.

Japanese Prime Minister Apology

As Japan seek to forge a good relationship with the people of South Korea, Prime Minister Keizo Obuchi went down in history by issuing a strong apology for the colonial occupation of the Korean peninsula. This became among the interesting events of October 8th, 1998. The event played an important role in Korean relationship with Japan. The apology statement by Obuchi marked a crucial step towards the greater contribution of South Korea in World War II, a statement that pleases the people of South Korea.

Japan had occasionally made apologies to the South Korean leaders, but this apology statement was given weight by its inclusion in the joint declaration issued by both President Kim Dae Jung of South Korea and the prime minister of Japan Keizo Obuchi. Obuchi accepted the historical fact that the Japanese colonial rule had caused a lot of pain and damage to the people of South Korea. As stated by "Deseret News", the prime minister expressed his country's heartfelt apology for the suffering that had been subjected to the South Koreans during the colonial rule.

A joint declaration made by both leaders became the first written apology expressed to a country by Japan for its activities during the World War II. The apology was accepted by President Kim Dae Jung because he acknowledges that Japan had recognized their past ill actions. This statement officially brought the reconciliation after many years of bitterness over the japans colonial rule in South Korea.

Hubble's Deepest View

A major event happened on October 8th, 1998 in the field of astronomy. Astronomers based in space institute unveiled a picture of the universe that had never been achieved in the history of astronomy. It reveals the first galaxies to be viewed from the dark ages. The new image should give a new explanation of the types of objects that revive the heat in the universe a long time ago (Grice and Noreen, 2004). The historic new view was a separate picture taken by Near Infrared Camera and Multi-object Spectrometer (NICMOS) and Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS). The images show the galaxy which was not clear to be viewed by the ground-based telescopes.

Hubble took astronomy field within a stone's throw of the big bang. Hubble combined the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) and Infrared Camera and Multi-object Spectrometer (NICMOS) to search for galaxies that exist a million years after the big bang (Kelly, 2002). Hubble's Infrared Camera view shows the galaxies that existed many years ago. Infrared Camera and Multi-object Spectrometer sees images farther than the Hubble Advanced Camera for Surveys and its combination boost the view. They were able to reveal the farthest images ever seen in the galaxy because the universe has expanded their light into an infrared portion of the spectrum. This made possible for the astronomers to sight galaxies 12 billion light-years away in the October 8th of 1998 for the first time in history.


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