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Apple Inc. Is a universal respected corporation and is well gratified by pioneers in its well organized technological operations and products. Apple is well known manufacturer and marketer of individual computers and peripherals, networking solutions, and software. The Apple line include, Macintosh range desktops, notebook PC, Mac OS X, iPod music player, ITunes music store, iPhones, X serve G5, iPad tablets, and X sever storage (CRAM 2016). The Apple Inc. sells their products through chain of retails, wholesalers, and the online market stores. Apples main markets include, America and European countries. The history of apple began when the CEO of Apple Inc Steve Job, requested the company's engineers to investigate the rising trend of touch screen telecommunication gadgets and tablet computers (iPods).

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Crisis Communication (2007 iPhone Launch Saga)

Communication crisis entails the strategic plans that are out laid by an organization with the aim of curtailing the problem that may hamper the reputation of the organization. To explore on the communication crisis, I will be using the Apple Company to analyze the communication crisis. The crisis that I will use for case studies is the crisis communication of 2.0 Apple and the abnormal prices of the year 2007. The problem went socially viral that it almost messed up the reputation of the company. The reason being, the company did apply the 45 minutes' rule of crisis management.

The 45 minutes' rule suggests that when there is something wrong with a company, then an immediate remedy should be applied so as to contain the problem within the organization. This is so needed so that the reputation of the company is not tarnished. The apple company did not adhere to that and therefore they had to suffer the consequences. The communication crisis management including the public relation and the investors relations were blamed for that same problem this is how the problem progressed.

The Apple Company released the new phone of 4gb ROM, then stayed in the market for two months thereabout, after the two months another iPhone was released that was having the specification of 8gb Read Only Memory. Releasing a new product is not a bad move within the competitive perfect competition market in the current markets so the crisis of the strategy was that the originally released iPhone had been priced at 600 dollars but after the two months the same product was reduced by 200 dollars. The diehard customers of iPhone realized that the price was exorbitant but all the same they had bought it. Immediately the new iPhone of 8 GB ROM was released in the market, customers of iPhone Company began lamenting that they had been down played. The customer fraternity began complaining that why were they charging the iPhone of 4GB exorbitantly only to reduce the prices after two months. The wooing of the customers went viral and penetrated into the media houses and social media. Instead of applying the 45 minutes' rule of curbing the sudden hitch within the Apple fraternity, they did let the mess launch in public domain, since they were to respond immediately to the remedy using the body in charge.

The crisis communication on social media had been so frequent in the social media. Apple organization had been. The company had originally been criticized on the response towards the social media queries. The discussion had blasted on social media but the company never applied the rule and therefore almost the clients lost faith on them. The crisis went viral that Steve Job the CEO had to respond via email, that it was a mistake done that for that reason the company gave the original buyers of 4 GB ROM, an offer 100 dollars of purchase apple commodities. From this analogy, I realized that the company did not know how to apply the crisis communication strategies, though later they developed mechanism on how to calm down their customers, through the CEO Steve Job. The ratification of the hitch later made the Apple Company realize a great boost of capital through the offer purchases.

The new CEO of Apple later developed strategic plans of media relations, when to communicate when there is crisis within the company. The company too used the public investor's communication strategy to curb any arising problem through communicating with public concerning the crisis. The social media platform became active since then including face book, twitter, live streaming, you tube and many more to address the problems.

Role of Media Relation and Investors in Apple Company

The two bodies play very critical role in enhancing the excellence of Apple Company. The roles they play include; the public relation does marketing of the new product; this has been enhanced through you tube. The apple Company has staged bloggers globally to test the views of the customers before releasing the product into the market. The bloggers are staged to also seek new audience (Comcowich, 2017). This trend had been realized during the release of iPhone X, it had attracted over 2.5 million viewers, this was done through a series of bloggers who did PR for the iPhone in you tube. The iPhone x grabbed public attention and new audiences had been realized. Another group that plays key role in enhancing the excellence of the company is the investor relations. The group has been able design their own website that contains crucial information about such as stockholders, financial analysts, and potential investors (Investor Relation, 2018). The platform provides an avenue of selling and buying of the apple stokes and products. The investor relations also do marketing to the Apple Company by sharing with the friends from the different parts of the world what they offer and also buy. This two groups play very important role in enhancing the excellence of the company, in any Apple branch globally.


Apple company being the best and most respected global technological corporate, the company rushes into releasing the products, without calling for serious extensive research or marketing. This has been major setback of Apple company that, intern raises the communication crisis within the organization. The company should do extensive product promotion on the product before releasing it into the market. Another setback that underlies the company is that, the company has an extensive amount of litigation on social media that should enhance the marketing. The company does not embrace the trending culture of social media platform of communication. The social media platform of Apple Company such as Facebook, Instagram, Palm chat, and Twitter is ever dormant with several customers posting and seeking some explanation but nobody takes them serious unlike the Apple competitors, to enhance the success the company needs to embrace the social media platform, since this might again rapture communication crisis such as the one of 2007.


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