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Apple Inc. is an American manufacturer of peripherals of computers, software, and personal computers. It is recognized as the first successful company that specializes in personal computers, and it popularized graphical user interfaces. This company design leads to the manufacture of mobile communication as well as media devices, digital music players, most of which are portable and personal computers. Apple Inc. also sells different related software, networking solutions, accessories, services as well as third-party applications and digital content. Its major products and services are iPhone, Apple Watch, iPod, iPad, Apple TV, Mac, consumer portfolio, and professional applications used as software such as iPhone OS, watch OS operating systems, OS X in the devices. Others include Apple Pay, iCloud, and other range of accessories, support offerings, and services. The headquarters of Apple Inc. are in California (Meyer, 2019). Apple Inc. operates through segments such as Europe, the Americas, North and South America, Japan, Greater China, and the rest of Asia Pacific (Meyer, 2019).

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Apple is dedicated to ensuring that high values of social obligation are realized across various universal supply chains. Suppliers are expected to deliver working conditions that are safe for the employees, treat all workers with respect despite their positions of power in the company (Fallon, 2014). The manufacturing processes that both the company and the suppliers should use must be environmentally responsible (Fallon, 2014). Site audits and other industry-leading programs make a clear demonstration of the commitment. Apple products are developed in various countries all over the world, and the company works with its suppliers in various fields to ensure that all people and communities meet the requirements it sets. Apple Inc. has a culture of setting high bars that help to create safe workplaces and other protections of the environment in various regions locally and globally (Fallon, 2014). All suppliers must ensure that they respect their employees and set channels that allow them to raise their concerns anonymously.

Apple Inc.'s mission, vision, and values form the basis for the success of the company in becoming among the most valued companies in the globe. The vision and mission statements of the company have changed over time due to different management from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook (Cuofano, 2020). The corporation's mission is to create the best understanding for its clients through inventive hardware, software, and other essential services offered. Its mission declaration is that Apple designs Macs, which are the best personal computers worldwide. It also designs professional software that allows it to lead the revolution of digital music using iPods as well as iTunes that can be found in the company's online store.

The iPhone and the App Store have revolutionized technology in the world and have formed a basis for the prospect of mobile media and other devices that try to compete with the iPad. The vision statement of Apple Inc. is a focus on developing great products while focusing on innovation and simplicity that helps to control primary technologies that guide the products from Apple (Apple, 2017). This statement sets the stage for the development of the core believes of the company and focus on long term goals rather than goals that change every year. Apple Inc. also encompasses different values and propositions, which allows the brand to be recognized by the customers.

The company has fundamental values that include the "Think Different" motto, an emphasis on privacy that helps differentiate it from other technology giant companies, and reliable technology and devices that satisfy the needs of mass markets (Lee, 2015). Employees and customers prefer working with companies that prioritize Corporate Social Responsibilities as it incorporates the development of the model of business-understanding the mission, vision, and values of Apple Inc. Company is the first step in understanding and appreciating how it moves from its short term objectives to long-term goals (Lee, 2015). Apple has also adopted the use of software that integrates within devices making its products more valuable to the users.


Apple Inc. will be involved in efforts of cultural awareness that will be critical factors in increasing the success of the organization. The company will establish its corporate culture in such a way that it will easily be able to maintain its corporate philosophy, beliefs, values, and the behaviors of all employees (Meyer, 2019). The cultural traits that the company will adopt will be aligned with the need for increased innovation that will help to determine the competitiveness it will have in the market of online services and information technology.

Cultural awareness will help the company understand its activities and how it can adjust to its environment. These efforts will help Apple Inc. in fulfilling its mission and vision and maximize support of human resources in the relevance of business in all its available markets across the globe (Lee, 2015). The company will also cultivate cultural awareness through the management, understanding their cultural problems, and reducing high turnover rates and consistent changes in leaders. Apple Inc.'s cultural features will focus more on the maintenance of high innovation levels that include creativity and different mindsets that challenge its standards and conventions.

Another cultural characteristic that Apple Inc. will adopt is the creation of new thoughts that will benefit in refining its business and products. The management of Apple will favor creativity among employees and their knowledge as well, and abilities and skills that they may possess but are unable to portray due to different restrictions that may exist in the company (Meyer, 2019). Gender equality culture will also be adopted in Apple Inc., and it will help to create a foundation for diverse staff in the future. Many clients check for a company's gender equality background, and most of them would not buy from an organization if it has low or no gender equality. Adopting this equality will, therefore, help a lot in creating a more extensive client base for the company and future increased profits.

Apple Inc. will be involved in civic engagement efforts through offering their time to the community and local charity foundations. The company will incorporate coherence and cultural support that will help to ensure that it acquires top-notch excellence through hiring only the best individuals in their labor markets (Fallon, 2014). Unlike Steve Jobs move to sack all workers who did not meet the prospects of the corporation, the management should adopt a style of performance appraisals to all before taking stern actions on them. The company will take part in several special events and continue working with communities where its stores are located in a bid to increase public awareness.

Apple Inc. will respond to natural disasters experienced in the communities around them. As the number of natural disasters in the United States and Mexico increasing, the employees at Apple, as well as customers, will come together to ensure that they support efforts of recovery and relief to the affected societies (Apple, 2017). Apple Inc. has been able to generate over $13 million from the provision of food, shelter, clean water, and many other services, most of which are essential or emergencies (Apple, 2017). Reaching out to the larger societies will help create a platform for a foundation that will include diverse staff as their growth in the future improves.

Culturally diverse teams from the company will help increase awareness among employees and customers; hence the number of customers increases in the company, and more improvement opportunities are created (Meyer, 2019). The most noticeable outcomes of Apple Inc.'s cultural awareness programs and the civic engagements will help to increase comfort levels of employees that purpose to enter a large crowd instead of one single group, which is dominant.


The efforts by Apple Inc. in creating awareness through taking part in community activities and involving some of the community members in making decisions support with the mission, vision, and values of the company. Apple Inc. has a mission that creates information on the customers, technology, products, and the markets that are targeted and helps create good relationships with them (Council, 2017). Apple Inc. will have plenty of points and followers when it continues to volunteer for several charity events, which will be shown as advertisements, on their websites, or spread as videos for a vast population to watch.

Gender equality aligns with the value of ensuring that all types of people are incorporated in Apple Inc. and play a role in ensuring that all types of people participate in the company regardless of their status in the society. Apple Inc. will ask its employees the strategies it should use to help people all over the world by voting on community themes and other projects that the company can get involved in to improve the lives of people (Council, 2017). This move will help to ensure that the value of the company and activities to ensure all people are involved in its success. The country will also adopt a global volunteer program that will launch in different countries across the world and will be available to both corporate and retail employees.

The global volunteer program will help to ensure that it involves different organizations across the world, and it contributes to an astounding success with millions of dollars to be donated to non-profit companies and charities. New employees in the business that will be tangled in the volunteer program will help in assisting championing and organizing events and charities in local and global communities (Council, 2017). These energies will also help increase the company's status in product design and innovation, which will empower it and the human resources that will be developed to stay ahead of their competitors. The efforts of integrating new traits in the cultural activities of Apple Inc will be necessary for its vision and help to keep the business relevant in the market (Council, 2017). It will be able to create adequate technological changes, distribution of digital content, cloud services, and the creation of an environment that will help in consumer satisfaction.


The CEO of Apple Inc. should develop a proper CSR strategy that should follow an inspiring and innovative vision that must be aligned with the corporation's core values. Trust and openness must be promoted while ensuring consistent dialogues among different stakeholders so that the brand can survive (Lee, 2015). The alignment of cultural consciousness activities and civic commitment efforts with the values, missions, and visions of the company will help to increase the exposure of the company and its employees due to the new diversity that it will adopt in its activities.

The return on investment of the alignment of the company's values, missions, and visions with the efforts will be realized in the profits that the company will recognize from such action. The efforts clearly show the public that the company cares about their welfare and is inclusive of all genders and cultures, and this makes it get a more comprehensive focus from individuals and other companies both locally and internationally (Council, 2017). The interaction of technologies and cultures within the company will also help to improve knowledge and decisions, which will increase the production of the equipment and help in expanding the markets that the company focuses on. The efforts by the co...

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