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This memorandum presents my choice for the case study. Amazon is ideal for this study as it is a well-established company and it was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994. Jeff was once at Wall Street Company which he left at the age of 30 years during the period of the internet revolution. Bezos has always posited that his breakthrough was establishing that web usage in the 90s grew at over 2000% annually. In this regard, he had to find a business plan which would be ideal for that sort of unusual growth. After the launch of Amazon, the sales were recorded at twenty thousand dollars weekly. His idea of the future of online purchase of products has influenced how consumers use online platforms to shop. Amazon is a leading global online retailer popularly known as Prime Video, Kindle, Amazon Music, Amazon TV, Amazon Fresh, Fire Tablets and many other elements. Another popular segment is Prime Membership which presents lower prices as well as free shipping. It also offers free to listen to music and other films remotely ("Summary: The Amazon Way," 2015). Amazon provides competitive pricing in its multiple departments, overnight and same day shipping, which makes it the leading store where consumers can browse over items, select and purchase these products without going to the actual store locations. Amazon generates close to $70 Billion revenues which makes it a renowned online retailer. One can find a variety of products from Amazon and get a quick delivery via Kindles. With affordable prices, a wide range of products to select from and quick shipping to any part of the world, Amazon has trounced its rivals in its operations in online purchase and e-commerce.

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The Five Resources

The following resources can be utilized in studying Amazon Company:

Physical: The physical resources comprise of tolls, inventories, vehicles, manufacturing and assembly facilities, buildings and many more. Amazon Company is in possession of various physical resources like film studios, warehouses. The most fundamental resource is the technological infrastructure. These resources require a large capital to implement.

Intellectual: Some of the facets of this resource include the property knowledge, partnerships, consumer databases, copyrights, and brands image which are considered vitals of operations of business standards.

Goods: The Company prides itself on being a corporate purchaser of all sorts of products. There are consistent development and redesign of innovative approaches.

Human: Business requires human resources to propel operations. At Amazon, the HR provides essential knowledge-extensive and creativity to the company. Also, the company relies on the human resource which is assertive in their business force and their technical innovation.

Financial: At Amazon, multiple segments rely extensively on financial resources which are inclusive of but not limited to stock pool, cash controls, credit sections, funds for hiring key HR.

Strategy for Further Researching

An approach for extra research is to investigate Amazon's lowest prices especially for most purchased products by the clients as well as the less consumed products which are of high prices as well as the superior margin for the company (Johnson, 2012).

An area of research that would be of great importance is how Amazon would facilitate employee satisfaction, as well as reinforce positive corporate cultural practices through identification and empowering underperforming employees. I would also investigate how Amazon utilizes its physical resources across the globe and how they serve the growth of the business.

Emphatically, Amazon has free shipping bonus for clients but one only is viable to this privilege after reaching a certain threshold of the total purchase. This threshold amount is essential to productivity and Amazon has kept it in check to enhance its competitive advantage and for promotional factors. The company pursues an effective framework for communication to meet its objectives like in the accessibility of information, presentation of new inventory, delivery date approximation, notifications and tracking of shipments and revolutionized facilities (Kendall, 2014).

Types of Information System Management Issues

The e-commerce company is number one retailing company and with its cloud computing services, there has been a framework to manage the information system effectively (Demir, 2016). An essential approach at Amazon is the framework of information management system as well as the approach to delivery and data management. Over the past years, the company has experienced threats due to exposure to information sabotage through securing credit cards and debit cards data of over one thousands of clients in a day (Jordon, 2008).

Over the recent past, Amazon has developed various websites with different domain names to promote its availability in various regions across the globe. For example, www.amazon.com and amazon.de. The company has presented third parties with avenues for promotions of products and services and proposals. The company has to remain steadfast in the management of unprocessed data inputs and keep the data up to date. These data are related to sales, expenses, compensations, number of clients, SEO data, revenue and other general business data. The company faces a challenge when a consumer fails to use the influential system to gain information from the website.

Preliminary Discussion and Assumptions

The goal of the preliminary discussion is to acknowledge the benefits of relations of employees in details. Amazon presumably would enhance its sustainable approach to growth as it continues to acquire market shares as well as online platforms. Another assumption is in the procedure of operations and it is a declaration about a number of features of anticipation that influence the current operations which are believed to be accurate, as well as unsure and inconsequential (Johnson, 2012).


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