My Data Request on Amazon: An Easy and Secure Experience - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-07-18


On August 14th, 2019, I requested personal information on Amazon, which is one of the best online retailers in the world. I merely asked my data by only logged in my account using my logins then navigated through the "Request my data" dashboard before selecting the data I wanted to receive. Afterward, I was directed to submit the request once I was done before finalizing with clicking the validation link in my confirmation email.

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Amazon Inc. simply accepted my request via email since it considers it is the most effective and efficient channel since feedback can only be sent after the confirmation link has been forwarded. The process is flawless and consumes less time. At the same time, information can easily be managed in the account, which encompasses the address book, payment information, order history, wish lists, as well as other lists, communication preferences, and advertising preferences. It also includes Amazon drive and Prime photos, Amazon business account setting, and personal recommendations (Varia & Mathew, 2014). What is fascinating is that even a layman can merely find some of the necessary instructions for requesting personal data that may not be available through a device on "how to request my data" dashboard.

After some time, I received a notification on my mail that the personal data I requested was being processed and that I should only wait for some particular period before I get them back. Ultimately the support team responded warmly, and amicably, the responses were precisely a blueprint of what I was yearning to see. They also provided some of the additional information that I never knew it could be encapsulated in the personal data request. Furthermore, I was in a position to confirm that all was done under the privacy notice (Solove, Rotenberg & Schwartz, 2006). Some of the info I was able to access included the status of the recent orders, complete order history, payment settings, recently viewed content, and voice recordings attached to the account.

The details that Amazon requested encapsulated identity information such as my name, phone numbers, both primary and secondary. They also asked for payment information, age, location information, i.e., Zip code, friends and home email address, and content of reviews. Additionally, they collected both images and videos stored in connection to Amazon services, corporate and financial information, and credit history information and, at the same time, device log files. There is also automatic information that the corporation collects and analyzes, which include the IP address, email address, location of the device, content interaction information, and Amazon service metrics.

I was typically surprised upon the realization that not only the information I fed in during account creation was provided. It expanded my knowledge of personal data since I got to realize that the company is genuinely dedicated to ensuring that its customers are at all times satisfied. Moreover, I learned that only a specific segment of the information could only be shared with third parties while others are not.

Responses were successfully executed under the GDPR law, and at the same time, the process strictly aligns with privacy protection. The information is ensured that it is appropriately kept to avoid permanent loss and probable disruptions. The systems work with a view of protecting personal information during the transmission process by the use of encryption software and protocols. The company also follows the payment card industry data security standard at the time handling credit card data (Muller, 2016). Moreover, the company seemingly aligns with the maintenance of electronic, procedural, and physical safeguards in connection to the disclosure and collection of personal information. The security procedures occasionally request identity proof before personal information disclosure. Amazon security domain at the same time has special features harboring against unauthorized access and data loss.


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