Essay Sample on Maximizing Market Share: How Netflix and Microsoft Stand Out From Competitors

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Date:  2023-02-06


Several companies perform better than others. This top performance may be due to active management above the average, more significant market share, and the name recognition. These attributes make the business to stand out from other market participants since they give such firms a competitive advantage. Large corporations like Netflix, and Microsoft, have managed to use the significant strategies such as name recognition effectively, and brand leadership to open their gap between them and other market participants. Again, the high-profile companies in their management use powerful leadership strategies that enable them to control their prices in the market. With a combination of measures such as restricted entries by other firms, the companies can also rise to the top. Hence, the top companies drive authoritative success sources, keeping them at the top compared to other firms.

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From the video analysis, Rosabeth explains the fundamental basis over which the big firms attain their success. She uses the concept of zooming in and out as a significant factor in helping the business expand. Ideally, she presents the best situations under which business can grow and become market leaders. Rosabeth discusses the ideas that business leaders should emulate in achieving flexible strategic thinking at all their levels of decision-making processes. Being successful in business requires the management to step back and look at the bigger picture while at the same time focusing across the organization spectrum. Hence, the concept of zooming in and out in the determination of business success.

High profile companies maintain their top positions by being innovative. Again, the video suggests that there should be new ways of conducting business processes. According to Rosabeth, the business leaders need to focus on particular areas of action while being flexible and dynamic ("Zooming: How Effective Leaders Adjust Their Focus", 2019). Therefore, handling the business processes in a different way contrary to the opponents giving the firms a competitive advantage that leads to their success. In a given situation, the firms should focus on both spectrums of the zooming. When the firms zoom in, the management tends to internalize its operations and personalize issues preventing the company from taking active steps to success. This process leads to the failure of the business to keep things into perspective since they lack the capacity of finding alternative solutions to their problems. Therefore, zooming leads to the hindrance of the firm to achieve success and rise to the top.

Zooming out enables the firms to see the bigger picture and the underlying principles to achieve high performance. From time to time, the management should go back and focus on the significant phenomena responsible for their improvement in performance and how better they can remain at the top. Moreover, flexibility and the understanding of one another is also an enormous step to effective company management and expansion. When the employees can interact and communicate with one another, they open up on the crucial areas to enact the changes that create positive impacts on the business. Hence, the importance of zooming out in creating business success, promoting them to high-profile levels ("Zooming: How Effective Leaders Adjust Their Focus", 2019).


In comparison, the lessons learnt in class have similarity with the video suggestions on what contributes to the success of the firms. Based on the significant aspects of effective management and leadership, Rosabeth also explains how business leaders can effectively apply the concept of zooming in and out in enhancing high performance in the company. Majority of the top firms use their experienced management to mentor the next team to take up a similar role, while also taking the market through cycles that promote its achievement of success. The high-profile organizations also have a system of retaining their talented managers for an extended period since they play a significant role in enhancing the performance of the business.


Zooming: How Effective Leaders Adjust Their Focus. (2019). Retrieved 25 August 2019, from

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