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Date:  2022-10-31

Mini Cooper Marketing Plan

BMW is one of the most important companies in the automobile industry. It is working very hard to produce mini coper car model in the market as one of its family car and sports car. This is its new design which it expects to offer a nontraditional touch in the history of America. This product has a very high efficiency during its development as there is still more opportunity to produce products of very high quality at a reasonable price.

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Background of the Company

BMW is the leading car manufacturer in the World. It is a German company formed with the purpose of producing automobile products in the World. It is also the parent company of Mini and Royce car brands. It was started in 1913 by Karl through the use of BFW, but because of some problems that result from company growth, the founder left, and Franz repossessed it in 1917. The headquarter of this company is in Munich Germany, and it has branches in other parts of the World. Currently, BMW has more than 1million workers across the globe, and it operates in more than 40 countries. This company has branches in most parts of the World including China, Germany, UK, USA, South Africa, and other African countries. Mini Cooper is an independent brand of BMW, and it was started in 1959 in the UK. It is regarded as one of the most important products of BMW, and to date, it has sold more than 500000 cars across the Globe. Because it has operated for many years, it has very many workers who are responsible for the distribution and marketing of its products.

Product Identification

The product of Mini Cooper is identified through marketing campaigns. It is defined by its features such as fuel consumption and shape. It is also determined by its brand name and image which has been there for over 45 years. Youths love the car because it is best for club man. Although there is high competition in the automobile industry, this car model has maintained top competition owing to its high popularity. The brand is associated with high reputation and stability as compared to other brands in the market that has a standard model produced by other competitors such as FORD and Volkswagen (Sribnyak, 2012). Even though all these models have been there with it, Mini cooper gained trustworthiness because of its initial ideas and brands. This makes it easy to change from family car to sports car and finally to club car is easy. Branding has been an efficient way in which mini copper products can be recognized and identified in the market, and its desirability is successfully achieved through technical ownership and national culture.

The image of the car is associated with sports, fun, fashion and style, classic and always not similar to other car models produced by the competitors (Cooper & Warwick, 1985). These qualities made Mini Cooper more attractive and competitive as these features make it different from others. Other features that Mini Cooper more identifiable is trends, it looks bold and fun-loving shocking disposition qualified by well-thought-of BMW trademark. Because it is a fact that it is not easy to treat it desperately, the launch of this model is another critical step that the company can use to win the attention of youthful drivers and others in the middle age who have a preference of being cheeky throughout their lifespan. Therefore, Mini Cooper is identified through its good brand name and image. At the same time, others recognize it through its unique features that make it distinct from others.

SWOT Analysis

This is a way in which the weaknesses, strengths, opportunities, and threats that are likely to affect the company are exposed. It involves in-depth scrutiny of the company internal affairs determine the powers of the company, weaknesses, opportunities that can make it more successful in the industry.


  • Mini Cooper has a solid marketing strategy that makes it more competitive.
  • It has a well-recognized brand name that makes most customers prefer it
  • It is also suitable for sporting, family and club functions and therefore most young people prefer it.
  • It has a powerful brand image such as Mini Coper
  • It is very competitive as compared to other models
  • The company is capable of producing a new model after every three to four years. Therefore, it is very innovative and creative.


  • There are excess duplicate spares in the market, and this reduces its profitability
  • It offers its products at a very high cost, and this gives its competitors an advantage over it
  • It competes with companies like Toyota which produces products that meets the needs of every class


  • It can increase its innovativeness and creativity little further to create other new car models that can compete well in the market.
  • It can also seek new collaboration with other automobile companies to gain a wider market share
  • It should also try to manufacture cheaper cars through the use of most current innovation to increase its sales volume and revenue.
  • Finally, it has an opportunity to expand to other nations such as Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia (Cooper & Lane,1997).


  • The great recession which affects all businesses in the World
  • Inability to maintain a high level of innovation and growth margins
  • The intense competition which keeps on increasing every year
  • There is also a threat of entrant; there are other new companies that are still entering the market.


Mini Cooper is a very stable company with constant growth in sale revenue. The main threat that this company is facing is intense competition in the whole industry that makes it have a decline in sales revenue. It is also making several attempts to enter into emerging markets so that it can open demand for its products. It differentiates its products through proper marketing and sales promotion which has made it have a good brand image and name. It is therefore recommended for Mini Cooper to reduce the cost of its products to maximize its profits. It can achieve this by lowering its workers to minimize the operating cost of manufacturing. Finally, it is recommended for this company to make collaboration with other companies to become the market leader.


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