Essay Example on Merging Firms: Communication Crucial to Avoiding Misunderstandings

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Date:  2022-12-27

In the case where there is the buying of the advertisement firm by the two businessmen as well as the subsequent plans to buy other companies which will be merged with the existing one to form an extensive outfit, there are quite glaring communication problems which in the long run makes things to go wrong. It is because communication would have been vital in driving the agenda of the firm in harmony with the stakeholders involved so that there shall be no incident in which there is the misunderstandings and instances of misinformation that contribute to the collapse of the plans. It can be seen that the instances of poor communication are as brought out in the subsequent paragraphs.

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First, there is poor communication where there is the new owners of connect2 advertising firm were unable to communicate their plans to the staff of the firm. In this case there had been the transfer of ownership of connect2 firm from the original owner who had started experiencing ill health conditions (Storey, 2011). In this case, he was forced to sell the firm to the two new owners who then had plans to change the way in which the business operated in the long run. Such changes of business operations were only in the minds of the new owners and there were no plans to pass them across to the staff who were expecting the changes to be made owing to the transfer of ownership of the firm (Grobler, 2016). In this regard, the staff were kept in the dark which degenerated to anxiety hence adversely affecting their smooth working within the firm (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart, & Wright, 2017). Their effective communication between the new and existing staff had also not been well catered for the benefit of clearly delineating roles to avoid confusion in the organization.

Additionally, there was a communication problem where the two most senior managers of connejct2 firm were briefed of the developments to expand the firm shortly when the new employees were being induced. They were thus not allowed to give their views on the way in which the employees should be employed alongside presenting their views on the qualifications to look for when hiring them as well as other crucial specifications (York, 2010). Also, the managers were then informed of other developments within the firm, hence were not informed earlier for them to make the necessary arrangements to accommodate the changes alongside presenting their views on the ways in which the developments should be handled as they were the ones to be affected directly by any changes to the firm (Storey, 2017). The new developments had also not been well informed to facilitate proper structuring of the business processes to accommodate the new volumes of work which the three merged firms wound present in the process of delegating the organization's activities (Boxall, & Purcell, 2011).

There are the ways in which the communication should have been handled in the organization. One involves the communication of the changes to the existing staff for them to understand and give their views hence properly facilitating the delegation of the changes (Buckley, Halbesleben, & Wheeler, 2014). Additionally, effective communication should have been facilitated between the new and existing staff for clarity on the roles to be played in the long run (Armstrong, 2016). There should have also been the communication the new developments to the managers of connect2 firm for them to present their collective views in the run towards effective delegation of firm developments.


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