Essay Sample on Yemen Civil War: Ongoing Conflict Since 2015

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Date:  2023-02-25


It would be important to note that Yemen has had a long period troubled in civil wars. However, the most recent Civil War in Yemen is an ongoing conflict that started in the year 2015 between two warring governments. This Yemen Civil War is being fought by two factions that include the government led by Abdrabbuh Mansur as the official government and the armed movement led by Houthi (Laub 1). The Civil War is propagated by their various allies as well as supporters of the two factions. Another reason is the sustained support that both governments get from internationals. It is of no doubt that Iran is supporting the Houthi movement while Saudi Arabia backs Yemen government. The war began in March 2015, and as stated earlier, the war is ongoing (Laub 1). Therefore, the war has lasted for four years and six months.

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It is believed that the cause of the Yemen Civil war is as a result of Arab spring. This began when protesters took to the street to force long-serving president, Ali Saleh, to end his long-term rein. He refused to step down, and tensions began around March 2011, which led to several deaths of protesters. As a result of a deal that was agreed, power was transferred to the then vice president Abdurabbur Mansur (Popp 2). The movement captured the capital city, which forced president Mansour to flee the capital. It is believed that Yemen Civil War has claimed about one hundred thousand lives. Also, about 545,000 people have been displaced from their homes too. Further, it is estimated that around 25 million people, which represent about 80% of the Yemen population need protection and food (Popp 4).

It is disgusting to note that having claimed several lives and millions starving, the war is still going on. However, there have been attempts of some peacekeeping missions to resolve the war (Laub 6). United Nations brokered a deal between the factions, although they have been slow to adhere to the various terms. As a result, the war is still ongoing because the factions are still stalled over the peace details.

Figure 1. Map showing area of Yemen Civil War

In my view, the major barrier to ending the Civil War is the reluctance nature of the two factions to agree to the peace details. Therefore, the two governments should mutually adhere to the details of the UN-backed peace agreement alongside ensuring that the governments they are allied to withdraw their supports to enable the two governments in Yemen to talk between themselves.

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