Essay Sample on Exploring Egypt's Ancient Art & Architecture: A Historical Journey

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Date:  2023-09-15

Egypt is a country that has been involved in significant activities with the whole world since very early ages in time. Such include economic, political, social, and cultural events that they would trade or share with other countries. Therefore, in trying to understand the history and things that happened a long time ago, Egypt becomes an excellent spot. The Egyptian art and architecture play a significant role as a source of history since they date among the oldest in the world, about 31st century BC. The technique also changed very little over time, and the majority were obtained from tombs, monuments. The painting had a functional purpose, often giving preeminence to the future and served the more abundant and cosmic purpose of maintaining order.

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Their art was uniform because they reflected on the idea world of their god, who they believed favored all equally with good gifts. Since they would not produce such art and architecture as creativity but rather as a representation for particular things, such as the gods, it was inherent that they would be uniform. For example, there were several seated portraits of different people, mostly represented leaders such as the portrait of Darkened, the Osiride states which served the first Pharaoh. It is different from modern art where creativity and innovation are essential, and therefore, people try but new things that decline.

The art and architecture provided information on religion and ideology, which are essential in the Egyptian civilization. Architecture and art were not referred to as art in the early day. The drawn thins, such as pallets, carvings, and cravings on stone tablets and even in the caves, were just done as a permanent remembrance of the things that happened. The materials used to make the art also varied depending on the prehistoric time. A sequencing study of the materials, such as faience, glass, Egyptian blue, metal, wood, lapis lazuli, and other equipment, can be arranged according to the archaeological period they were found to determine the civilization that took place. Therefore, Egyptian art and architecture are very significant in explaining world history.

Some historians see history as progress. Each era of history is better than the one who came before it. The conditions of humanity generally improve from lower to higher stages of development.

The developments of things from the very periods in history, as studied in archaeological evidence, indicate that the history of humanity as evolved from the simplest structure to the current sophisticated world. Technology has been evolving, with significant improvement due to the discoveries that have been made over time. A classic example is how were weapons have changed from the ancient use of spears and arrows to the current-day use of guns and nuclear weapons. Agriculture has also changed significantly from pure farming to plantation farming and which mechanization was not there before.

The ancient world used simple tools in farming, and the crops were indigenous, which is very different from the current day genetically engineered crops. Political, social, and economic systems have also progressed significantly to a better and civilized way. In the ancient days, for example, political systems were monarchial in most places, but currently, there is democracy and republicanism.


Owing to the high standards of living presently compared to the ancient day, it is clear that history progresses to gives a better present-day that what was before. An undeniable example is a way of keeping information where, initially, carvings, stones, and art would be used. Over time, people evolved to using scrolls, manuscripts, and currently, the use of technology.

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