Essay Sample on WWII Legacy: Peace, Unity and Economic Development in China

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Date:  2023-01-04


The nationalists in China understand the legacy of World War II as a significant event to them. This is because the war brought peace among them and other countries. As a result of peacefulness within the Chinese countryside, it, therefore, helps them to continue with their economic development which had been undermining them due to the long period of war with other nations. Moreover, Chinese nationalists also believe on the heritage of World War II as important to the Chinese people because it led to the development of cities, for instance, Hong Kong as viewed in terms economic development due to political stability in the region. The legacy that was adopted by the nationalists during the event of World War II also manipulates itself currently in China as it helps the Chinese people to foster peace among themselves.

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Furthermore, Chinese nationalists understand the legacy of World War II as an event that brought unity among them to fight against their enemies. Also, the legacy that was left aside by World War II as a portrayed by the views of nationalists as an event which counteracted across with their culture. The War led to cultural erosion, and this was seen among the Japanese people who adopted their culture. The legacy left during World War II, among the Chinese people is also evident in China where the people tend to adopt culture from their neighboring community for instance mode of dressing.

On the part of Japanese nationalists, World War II has also left aside a legacy that has been viewed in different ways. The understanding of the legacy of World War II among the Japanese nationalists was drawn from the fact that it led to the destruction of properties and also suffering as they were trying to defend themselves. The nationalists also believe that World War II left a legacy of internal relationship through Japanese helping underdeveloped nations after the end of World War II. Also, the legacy of World War II is highly valued by the Japanese people as adopted from the views of the nationalists through maintaining of international relations for instance relationship between Japan and China.

Apparently, on the side of Korean nationalists, they believe that the legacy that resulted from World War II was the splitting of the country into two; North Korea and South Korea due to disunity among them. They also remember the legacy due to the improvement of infrastructures since there was an urgent need to replace roads to help in the transportation of weapons used in war. Also, the understanding of the legacy by the Korean nationalists was the rise of border disputes among the Korean people and their opponents. In present-day Korea, the belief of their past has also enabled them to economically developed through improved means of transport.


In conclusion, Nationalists varied in their ideas about the legacy of World War II depending on how it affected their country.

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