Indians and English Settlers: A Relentless War in Maryland and Virginia - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-24


There was a relentless war between the Indians and the early English settlers; it took place along the tidewater section of Maryland and Virginia. The war resulted in the destruction of the Indian power. The England who was the colony was at first strongly encouraged by the need of the corn maze, which was the native crop for this reason they decided to settle around Jamestown. The English was so ambitious and wanted to establish a healthy and prosperous colony, and this led to conflict between them and the Powhatan. The Indians were first mixed up with the arrival of the English people. They offered the best hospitality to the colonist knowing that the English people were not going to stay for long

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How the Perception of Land and Liberty Fit Into the Story

In most war among group and nations, land always plays a critical role, as people fight over boundaries disputes. It is said that Indians did not only allow cultural suicide, but they also allow the English settlers to stay with them on their land. The Indians tolerated all manner of provocations of daily insults of occupation and the verbal abuse by the English. This persisted until the Indian realized that the colony wanted to expand the border and holdings to Virginia. The physical expansion of boundaries posted a significant threat to the Indians. The Indians felt that the English physically expanding their territory would threaten their lives and how they live.

The threat posted made the Indians resort to destruction, and they staged a massive attack on the English settlements and demonstrating Indians power trying to drive the English out of their land for good.

How Trade Play a Part in Conflict

When the English arrived, the Indians had mixed feelings and perceptions about strangers. Their first reaction was hostile basing their experience with the Spanish who were explorers. Before the English landed, the Indians attacked one of their ships, but with time, the Indians began to offering hospitality and food to the English. After the hospitality and warm welcome, the English colonist searched for wealth, and they abandoned growing the corn which was making the colony self-sufficient. They then depended on Indians entirely for food, and when the food deteriorated, the leadership started establishing trade with the Indians. Smith believed that the English were to treat Indians like Spanish by compelling them to slavery and hard work. When the business failed, Smith started taking food by force, this brought discomfort among the Indians, and they could not live with peace with the English.

Why and When Did the Indians Attack First?

In 1609, following the arrogance of the English people and their failure to pay back the hospitality of the Indians with kindness (Bailey, 1949). The leader of the Indians that Powhatan started becoming vigilance and unsettled about the fact that the English intended to stay on their land for a longer time. The Indians then started attacking the English by killing their livestock and burning their farms and destroying crops. When the attack was on, the Indian leader Powhatan claimed to the English people that the young men were out of his control and that he could do very little to stop the attack. He insisted that the young Indians were attacking without his knowledge or permission.

Why and When Did the Settlers Attack?

On July 1610 the English decided to launch a counter-attack on the Indians.It was during the starving period (Hall, 1995). English lured the Indians soldiers with food and music then attacked them for revenge. The English went ahead to burn the Indians houses and their farms. Both the Indians and the English committed atrocities against each other. This forced their leaders into getting the solutions to the problems between the Indians and the English. Before any amicable solution could be sorted out, the colonists captured Powhatans daughter and she was forced into marriage with John Rolfe. The marriage of Powhatans daughter contributed to building a relationship between the Indians and the colonists.


Bailey, A. G. (1949). Saint Croix, the Sentinel River: Historical Sketches of Its Discovery, Early Conflicts and Final Occupation by English and American Settlers with Some Comments on Indian Life by Guy Murchie. The Canadian Historical Review, 30(2), 165-166.

Hall, K. (1995). There'sa time to act English and a time to act Indian": The politics of identity among British-Sikh teenagers. Children and the Politics of Culture, 243-264.

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