Essay Example on Unveiling Creation From Primordial History

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Date:  2023-04-24


Primordial history deals with stories related to the origin of human beings in correlation with divine beings and their actions. Different cultures vary according to their 'primeval history.' It is disturbing how people claim that God created the world out nothing susceptible despite reading the bible almost every day, especially for Christians, and still assume that creation was made out of nothing. Evidently, in the book of Genesis chapter one, verse two, there was something described as formless and void (Walters, 2020, 36.56). Even though this thing is formless and void, it still shows that there was something.

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Moreover, there was also water and darkness in the void and formless firmament. In ancient history, formless and void meant chaos, and it is incredible how God overcomes chaos and creates order from it (Walters, 2020, 36.56). For instance, when God decided to separate light from darkness, He overpowered chaos caused by darkness and restored peace between the bodies. The sun has to shine during the day and later stars and the moon during night hours to stop the chaos. He also separated waters and made the land to emerge from the waters. This meant that the chaos had been defeated and sanity restored (Walters, 2020, 36.56). Apart from these wonderful reforms made by God, it is satisfactory to say that God wanted to create an order to show His powers over the universe and chaos. However, it does not dispute the fact that darkness and water existed, but there is an indication that he has control over them.

The stories of the Ancestors

God calls Abram to leave his people and go to a land that He would show him. Abram does not know who God is and why God is speaking to him even though the bible does not tell us the mode of communication between the two. The bible only tells us how he was told to pack his stuff and leave his home place, and he obeys this voice (Walters, 2020, 24. 52). Interestingly, God decides to make a covenant with Abram promising him how He would make him a great nation, bless him, make his name great so that he shall be a blessing as a person. God proceeds by telling him that He will bless everybody that will bless Abram and curse anyone who would dare curse him (Walters, 2020, 24. 52). Above all, God promises him that every family on earth shall be blessed because of him. On reaching Canaan, God appeared to him and promised to give that land to his generation (Walters, 2020, 24. 52). It is surprising to learn that one can leave their native homes and go to an unknown destination and survive. It is also hard to believe how God appeared to Abram when he reached Canaan and promised to give the land to his offspring, yet Abram and Sarai had no children and were very old already (Walters, 2020, 24. 52). It is complicated to believe that they finally conceived got a baby at that age.

The journey from Egypt to Sinai

It saddens my heart how the people of Israel failed to go to Canaan straight from Egypt following the route to Sinai because of their mistakes and little faith in God during trials. For instance, it's fathoming how they could force Aaron to make them the golden calf so that they may worship it when Moses went to the mountain to meet with the Yahweh, yet God has been faithful to them throughout the journey (Walters, 2020, 33.04). They also fail to trust God when they found out that people were already dwelling in Canaan and so they started complaining and wishing they could be back to Egypt rather than dying in the wilderness with their families.

I am curious about the reason why Moses did not see Canaan, yet he started the journey from the very beginning only to miss seeing the Promised Land in the last hour. This is very disturbing, considering that he was a faithful man of God, and entering Canaan again would have been a dream come true. One question answered from this week's learning is how Pharaoh and his army were cast into the sea. Sad how they thought that the sea path was meant for everyone without noticing that it was the hands of God at work.


Walters, J. [James Walters]. (2020, March 17). Survey of Biblical Literature [Video]. YouTube.

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