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Date:  2022-03-31


Friendships are one of the most important things you can get out of life. It is something that everyone must have because without it every person would go insane. Friendship is a big part of our lives. For instance, just think how life could be if no one talked to each other or never made friends. The best friends are perfect with or without defects. My best friend is trying to improve her life, but a lot of times she tends to be in trouble therefore the best thing I can do is giving her some advice. When I am in a position of chatting, I try to give her some advice to help her avoid the problems. Everyone needs a friend in his/her life to feel supported in times of need such as at school and trying to have a social life.

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The first advice I gave to her is that college means future and money and therefore if she concentrates more on her classes her life can be simpler. I also advised her on the significance of enrolling in more classes despite college being at times stressful since the lecturers must test if an individual has grasped what the lecturers have taught throughout the semester. According to Ronald Williams "If literacy and education provide liberation, what will you do with your freedom?'' I support this statement by Williams because education means freedom and if people are in school that means their future will only depend on their studies. Education is important as it creates a platform through which each student could change their lives through studying. Study means knowledge which in turn means power and freedom. In the current world, we are living in undertaking classes is of great benefit because it helps a person to get better knowledge and also equips a person with the relevant knowledge and skills. According to Abel and Richard Deitz if someone was being hired to perform a job, they are required to indicate their level of education, and therefore education is the most significant way in which an individual can use to get a better job. To further interpret this when the level of studies of a person are high the chances of getting a better job tend to increase as well. Every person has a great opportunity to improve their lives by going to college.

Another important advice for her is to stop drinking alcohol. Alcohol can be dangerous, and the only way to avoid any trouble is by being responsible. It is important to enjoy life, but people are required to proceed with moderation. Alcohol in this context could result in family and legal problems as well as misfortunes. According to Robert Coulter "Heavy alcohol use has myriad short-term consequences which could vary from violence, unintentional injuries, alcohol poisoning, including cancers and neurological problems." What I derive from Coulter's statement is that the consumption of alcohol could result in harmful diseases. It is not easy to quit drinking, but everything depends on following the right path. Seeking for professional help is sometimes important as it assists an individual to quit early since it is hard to take away addiction. Another factor that is important is developing a habit of organizing her time and spending more time with best friends to help reduce the time for alcohol consumption or the possibility of consuming alcohol. In the article "The Importance of Friends" by Karen Wagner a study revealed that having a best friend buffers or protects a person against the effects of negative experiences. Friends are important as they help in some cases by trying to assist a person in avoiding any trouble that may occur. It is important to enjoy and establish a strong relationship with friends by spending time with them but stopping to drink alcohol can be the best way to change one's life.


In conclusion when situations change people including best friends are at times forced to separate due to varied reasons that make them move away from each other. The best of friends tend to find it hard to keep a friendship when distance comes in play between their relationships. A lot of times they have a lot of troubles, and the best way to handle such a situation is by giving them our time. Having a good level of education helps a person to have a better future and more opportunities. The best way to improve one's social life is by stopping to take alcohol. Promises to keep the friendship alive never materialize as a result of to one reason or another and it becomes harder to keep the flame burning. Friends are considered as those people who stay despite a person having a thousand defects they will always be there for them.

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