Essay Sample on Virtual Teams and Robotics

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Date:  2021-06-24

After going through the first article, one gets to understand one of the quotes present in it, which is When people feel a sense of community, they are more comfortable reaching out to others and more likely to share knowledge (Pearlson & Saunders, 2016). Reviewing this quote helps one to identify with the society around and consequently growing a better effective team to achieve various goals of a community. A strong sense of community is capable, and this is because it builds the aspect of trust. A sense of community further builds collaborative terms, and this is the fact that the communication between these people will have them discuss the best manners through which to solve various community issues and consequently collaborate in various ventures that will lead to the completion of a project (Pearlson & Saunders, 2016). An example of a company that has benefited from this was Samsung after working with Panasonic to handle the various counterfeits present in their region.

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In regarding the second quote that has it that The Challenge for a leader then is to find a balance between individual autonomy and collective action (Hackman, 2015). People that have a singular or rather individual autonomy towards life are rather introverts, and these people do not manage to operate well with others and rarely accept any forms of advice. On the contrary, it is imperative to note that some people do not manage to perform alone and require support and this is where the collective action comes into play A balance of the introvert and extrovert systems is about resolution of national issues that do not require either of the characters involved and an example of this is in peace-keeping.

With regard to virtual teams, the quote to bear is that A teams level of dispersion is neither preordained nor fixed (Siebrat, Hoegi, & Ernst, 2009). The importance of this quote is that it has people understanding that regardless of their location, they can bring success into a business. Moreover, it has people realizing that it is not their fault that they are in specific areas that fail to have commodities that other sites have but ensures people that they have the ability to provide as much for the company like any other member. I have come to learn that TESLA motors are revolutionary and the reason for this is that it has managed to create environmentally friendly cars and example is the G800. Robots are a significant threat to US jobs, and the cause of the statement is that they take over all the employment opportunities present.

The production of Teslas automobiles involves the use of innovative and sophisticated technology as depicted in its Gigafactory. Teslas production is unique in the sense that it employs the widespread use of robots which serve as assistants for the employees. These robots are commonly referred to as Automated Guided Vehicles which rely on navigation beacons or floor magnets to navigate on the surface of the production facility (Wired, 2013). Moreover the heavy duty robotic arm is used in the assembly of the electric vehicles. Perhaps the greatest invention to come of Tesla is the development of innovative battery packs that can store electric voltage for prolonged duration while the time required to recharge is minimized

Nonetheless, the CEO asserts that the use of robotics systems in Tesla factors would not deter the firms aim of implementing its vision of employing nearly 50,000 employees. The takeover by robots is projected to lead to the loss of jobs especially in the manufacturing sector although this may be a blessing in disguise. Research indicates that robots safer and reliable rather than outsourcing labor through exploitative means as is the norm in America.


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