Essay Sample on the Concept of Effective Leadership

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Date:  2022-11-21


The concept of effective leadership generally entails making an impact on others or even the entire society. The capacity to take on an initiative and to work out complex situations or also pushing for the achievement of a desirable outcome is the core of leadership in all aspects. However, people often confuse the exercise of authority and leadership which end up creating adverse consequences to their subjects. This paper aims at analyzing the way in which Nancy Pelosi and Kim Kardashian have portrayed effective leadership. Kim Kardashian has shown significant leadership skills and qualities through his actions to advocate for the compassion of a 63 years-old woman serving a life sentence for the first non-violent drug offense. Kim Kardashian has empowered women leadership by portraying her leadership capacities by critical decision making with which she has had a positive impact on the society as well as her spheres of influence.

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Leadership is all about the little things that we do to change the view of life in society. It is actually the small things that matter the most to the majority of people, not to mention the society at large. Kim Kardashian sought to be different from the public by taking the opportunity to lend a helping hand to a woman who was in need. Kim Kardashian took the responsibility to try and secure the freedom of the lady (McKenzie). Kardashian portrays leadership qualities by making critical solutions which are also in accordance with moral convictions; she affirmed her actions by her social media tweets of how she feels the woman has been unfairly treated and even later in an interview with MIC when she said that she would do whatever it takes to get the woman out of prison. Kardashian was able to speak out against the evil that had befallen the woman, even further calling for the condemnation of such heinous acts in the society.

The success of Kim Kardashian in the pursuit for justice and freedom for that woman has revealed her potential of a leader who sees an injustice and is guided by her virtues. She was sufficiently convinced that by speaking out against the evil in the society is the best way to fight against the downtrodden in the community context. Nancy Pelosi also portrays the attributes of leadership that are represented by Kardashian West in her capability and resilient belief in doing whatever is right and just for the American people. Leadership entails showing y example, as shown by what Kim Kardashian does to every member of the society.

The incoming House Speaker is a remarkable politician whose dominant leadership position emerges as a result of her positive influence in the house. She takes control of the House business effectively, thus bringing everyone to order. The Speaker is the symbol of unity and progress, her work is exemplified by the factual existence of the discipline and responsibility of all members of the assembly. The speaker's leadership capabilities also arise from her capacity to overturn the support of the opposition to her political beliefs is very significant in the empowerment of women to the run-up to political positions and stand up to whatever is right for the American citizens. Even though some Democrats were against her candidature before the elections, she applied her leadership skills by approaching them to negotiate and make compromises with them instead of dismissing them (Foran and Killough). The firm stance of the Democrats against the wall amidst the hardline approach of the Trump's administration reveal Pelosi as a leader who is willing to compromise and negotiate for a deal that will give each party a fair deal and thus push the citizens out of the government shutdown that risks the wellbeing of the nation. The willingness of Pelosi to negotiate and provide a counteroffer presents an essential quality as envisioned in the Tao Te Ching. In Tao Te Ching's Poem 8, during times of conflict, a leader should be fair and generous. Pelosi shows this by her willingness to keep the negotiations on for a possible compromise and solution (Foran and Killough). Leadership entails taking tough stances on controversial matters and offering strong leadership position to an extent that nobody questions your position. Indecision is one foul trait of leaders, therefore, it is best to ensure that leaders pronounce their decisions strongly and audibly by challenging the status quo in the social context.


Summarily, Nancy Pelosi and Kim Kardashian West are two different personalities within different spheres of influence but appear to portray equal leadership capacities. They use their power and authority to make an impact on the society by taking action with their virtues. The decision made by Pelosi to negotiate with her adversaries as well as the conviction portrayed by Kardashian to speak up against injustice represents significant leadership skills that empower the role of women in politics and social justice. They have been good role models in showing the American citizens the virtues of true leadership by standing up to make the right and just decisions that build up a better society.

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