Essay Sample on Nanotechnology and Robo-Taxis

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Date:  2022-03-09

Widespread Adoption of Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology has become a significant area of interest in electronic engineering. Nanotechnology entails designing, synthesizing, and characterization of materials and devices whose scale can be termed to be at the one billionth of a meter. Reducing the size of electronic appears to be a trend in the technology industry and from mobile phone devices to appliances, making electronics that as small in size as possible is the way to go in this era of electronics. One field that has shown potential in nanotechnology is the manufacture of molecular devices that are used in medicine. These devices sometimes referred to as nanorobots, have shown great potential in revolutionizing the field of electronics and electronic engineering, especially in the high-tech subsector. However, research has shown this technology not only has risks and fewer benefits than earlier thought but also raises ethical issues in their development and manufacture (Hulla et al. 1318-19). A careful examination of the application of nanotechnology shows that the design and production of nanorobots will bring significant benefits in spite of the inherent risks associated with these devices. Having researched widely, there seems to be a considerable amount of literature about the future of this technology and its applications.

Commercialization of Robo-Taxis on American Roads

The car-making industry has undergone significant development over the last few decades. The rise of smart devices, in particular, has changed how cars are driven on roads. Robots are now being used to drive vehicles on the roads as more companies exploit current engineering technologies to come up with devices that are fitted in cars to ensure movement from one place to another without the necessity of having a human as the driver. Already, tests on the workability of smart devices in navigating cars on the roads suggest that the potential of a commercial application is enormous (Bagloee, et al.284-86). Despite the huge promise in the deployment of robo-taxis, challenges abound regarding their commercial use. Robo-taxis will reduce the cost of transport and increase accessibility to transportation services by poor households, but the huge possibility of system failures and cyber-attacks concerning navigation poses a significant threat to their commercialization potential. There are many scholarly articles exploring this area which will enable in writing the final paper.

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