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The communicative organizational (CO) model emphasizes more on misunderstandings, creating clarity of the roles of every organizational member as they confront with the realities of their lives in the organizations. When members of an organization understand that misunderstandings are normal and a component of communication, they can effectively construct the way out of the situation. Misunderstandings can be positive in a way that the firm promotes flexible recognition, engage in dialogues, creates structures to counter conflicts and develop effective communication strategies besides preventing people from effectively functioning (Modaff, Butler & DeWine, 2008). Scientific management is a management and production-oriented viewpoint of organizational communication that seeks to improve the efficiency of an organization through a concise improvement of the efficiency of task completion by utilizing scientific analysis. As such, a Communicative Organizational model can enhance a more effective scientific management in ways including having better-structured tasks and roles, having alternative ways of acting, and problem-solving.A communicative organizational model can lead to new ways structuring tasks and roles. Communication enhances effective and efficient working. However, to enhance a more effective strategic management, misunderstandings should be solved. Creating a solution to particular misunderstandings requires communication where brainstorming, the setting of goals, issuing directions to a given task, and getting feedback from the staff is key. There is no need to build rapport among workers in a particular organization. However, what should be basic is candid and clear-cut communication. Furthermore, workers do not require much effort but just understand how to perform their tasks. However, most of them need constant supervision since they decrease their productivity on the basis of effort or communication from workers as they tend to feel that more productivity will not result in more compensation. A communicative organizational model is, therefore, important to assist managers to understand how they can motivate their workers in a systematic manner to strive for more in the organization while working proficiently and more productively and while at the same time new ways structuring tasks and roles.

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A communicative organizational model can lead to having alternative ways of acting. Many organizations fail to reach their goals due to lack of a successful systematic management. Scientific management cannot be more effective without communication, and above all, without a feasible communicative organizational model. The most important component of communication is talking. The act of talking encourages production and reproduction of structure hence, lays a significant focus on communication. It is this communication that alternative ways of working can be achieved.

A communicative organizational model can enhance problem-solving. A concise CO model assists in organizing the communications being made with a noted blueprint for the actions of the staff to whom communication should be made. This enhances strategic management. The CO model can create a procedure for making routine opinions regarding communication and a platform for discussing the best option available. Every organization struggles to maintain productivity and effective communication through channels including emails, memos and holding regular meetings can be just as important to enhancing a more effective strategic management. Considering an organization that has conflicting values, the organization may shift from being in a lax environment to a more firm environment as soon as communication is initiated. However, such a misunderstanding is not likely to be resolved easily but a clear-cut solution can be created to solve the problem (Modaff, Butler & DeWine, 2008). At times when some information is intentionally withheld, communication can let the person withholding it receive credit for a certain assignment; a good enhancement of scientific management. Even though, a misunderstanding could be caused due to lack of information, creating a challenge that can raise problem-solving (Modaff, Butler & DeWine, 2008).


The Communicative Organizational model, therefore, enhances a more effective scientific management in ways including having better-structured tasks and roles, having alternative ways of acting, and problem-solving. The CO model is a good illustration of the fact that misunderstandings are part of organizational works hence, should be anticipated.


Modaff, D. P., Butler, J. A., & DeWine, S. (2008). Organizational communication: Foundations, challenges, and misunderstandings, 3rd ed. New York: Allyn & Bacon.

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