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Reading is one of the key components on an English class. Anytime a person reads a story; they are able to develop different perception toward a content. This perception is influenced by various varieties of lenses which are used to analyze content. Due to the variation in perception and understanding, one may read a story and ignore the key message which is hidden; instead, they may concentrate on enjoyable information an author is giving. Additionally, when reading historical content, audiences may use author lens to think about when and what was the text was written. This technique helps to effectively understand what an author is saying about a particular historical period and society. Social and gender roles have been key content that literature focus. In most cases, authors try to show their roles in society (Bender-Slack, 19). As such, application of lens helps audiences to focus and interpret the issue affecting both males and females in society. Read the lens text helps audiences to recognize the author key arguments. This is done by concentrating on how an author tries to integrate vocabularies in a text. Sometimes an argument is so dense and complicated, and thus, readers may take long to analyze the core points discussed (Moss, 537). Naturally, the application of lens in reading has been an essential way that a person uses to develop the meaning of another author's content. Literature focuses on various fields in which are related to society. As such, content integration helps to show whether a book is an example of good writing.

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Ethnicity and culture are two major components that most authors engage in literature to show an example of 'good' writing. In most cases, authors try to examine issues such as conflicts which occur due to the variation on cultures. In most texts, authors try to develop and reveal the different background may cause confusion or rivalry. In this case, author lens helps to analyze the content based on how an author has framed it. Through the lens, a person is able to view what exactly the author was trying to reveal. In literature, content is not determined by how one reads and understands, but instead, it highly concentrates on how one interprets the information (Moss, 530). There is a lot of variation between communities. Therefore, understanding their culture difference can help a person to understand why cultures are in conflicts. As such, one is able to analyze and view things which are beyond the text. For instance, a person may read content on how different communities solved their issue. The content can be related to the current issue and understand methods one can use to settle issues which are affecting communities. A lens offers a chance to review content in various degree (Bender-Slack, 19). Hence, one may use the technique to understand the strength and weakness of a certain author's story. This interpretation helps a person to understand which content best-fit society.

The key aim of reading is to enrich a person with knowledge and skills that will help to overcome life issues. This knowledge also influences how one makes a decision. Social, historical, and psychological aspects are full of information which are essential in daily life. Therefore, author lens has become a valuable tool that helps readers to focus on understanding what an author's story is talking about. There are different messages that authors may intend to deliver to readers. The message should be clear so that audiences can easily understanding (Moss, 529). However, some information is so complicated, and they require more in-depth analyzes so that to understand their meaning. Authors lens helps readers to analyze all possible ideas that an author may have written in the book. Application of lens in literature helps to improve and strength the ability to review and evaluate the content in a logical way. This technique helps people to develop creative, and insight understand about the world. Most studies reveal that author lens can help to enhance the capacity to read and comprehend a content so as to develop a broad perception toward the world (Bender-Slack, 17). This style is an essential way for readers to use to improve their knowledge and skills.

People have different reasons why they are read certain content. Some people use reading as they leisure activities, while others aim at improving their knowledge and much more. Author lens as a tool of literary studies helps readers to focus on various aspects of personal interest. For instance, if a person wants to understand more about history, most of their focus will be based on historical aspects but not current activities (Moss, 531). Despite how content may integrate a lot of activities, a reader will be more concern about a certain aspect of interest. This technique is so essential, especially those individuals who want to specialize in a certain field such as politics (Bender-Slack, 26). In most cases, a person is required to review a number of works from different authors so as to effectively understand an aspect. In this case, author lens helps a reader to integrate and develop a flow on how content works and the nature in which it is used by various authors.

The importance of reading a variety of materials is to give a reader an advantage over the others by gaining more information about content. Reading and understanding are the key factors that differentiate a person who has certain information from others. For instance, using author lens, a person may read and evaluate a content which can help them to argue logically, especially when in special activities (Moss, 537). Such people may use the learned knowledge to develop different ideas from certain content. This can influence other people to develop a different point of view. This is essential, especially when some people misinterpret a certain content due to lack of enough information. Some people are prone to misleading others due to poor understanding of a certain aspect. Some people are highly influenced by myths and believe which affects how they engage in their activities (Bender-Slack, 25). However, through the application of author lens, a reader may develop a different argument from such people. Use of knowledge may help an informed person to defend an argument by raising clear points.

Using author lens, a person can easily learn how to coordinate reading, understanding, and interpretation. If a person cannot effectively coordinate these three factors, one may not get the exact meaning of a text. Therefore, they cannot be able to defend a certain central claim which may be affecting society. Author lens helps to improve these skills because one is required to look beyond the content level by examining issues which are affecting the society. Lack of counter-evidence information has been a key challenge affecting the political system in most nations (Moss, 532). Most leaders do not have good information about the origin of certain issues. In most cases, reading, understanding, and interpretation effectively occur when a reader develop questions based on the nature of the content. In most cases, questions are developed once a person is trying to interpret a complex content which requires deeper understanding (Bender-Slack, 20). Issues such as psychology require effective interpretation because it engages activities which are related to minds. The mind may express behaviors in various means, and thus, may influence the rate of understanding.

In some cases, application of lens can help to challenge the ideas and values of various authors. Some author based their content on a particular side. For instance, the issue of feminist has become a critical issue, especially when an author is a man. In this case, males tend to underrate the role of the female in society. Using a lens, a person can effectively challenge how an author shows the idea of gender (Bender-Slack, 18). Additionally, author lens helps to uncover the attitude some writers have over a certain social aspect. The concept mostly occurs when integrated with a gender lens which helps to interpret the approach some people take toward the group. As such, a reader is able to balance various aspects despite an author basing their argument on one side. This is an essential way of solving conflicting values in society as one shape their thought when reading someone's text. Scholars use these ideas to create different opportunities which makes person fame.

According to Bender-Slack (23), in society, there are groups which are viewed as inferior due to lack of power to influence a certain activity. These people are mostly characterized by low income, poor living conditions, lack employment and much more. Authors use their power to show the boundaries that exist between classes (Bender-Slack, 21). For many years, the issue of class difference has influenced how duties and resources are distributed in society. In most cases, different authors show the same character but in a different manner. Therefore, when a person is reading a book which has borrowed information from other sources, there is a high tendency that the content will be more understood than in the first reading. In this state, one has used author lens to understand how some people are unrepresented in society. This integration shows effective writing. Various authors highly portray the issue of negligent (Moss, 528). The idea of negligence can well be understood if a re personal can effectively examine the classical application of resources. Authors may use their ideas to show the power relationship in society. For a long time, there has been an issue of how low-incoming families are represented.


In conclusion, the idea of integrating ideas in different authors but bring the same meaning has become an essential part of literature. Most institutions view the idea as a way of improving learning and experience among students. Additionally, author lens is an essential way which helps to improve the reading, understanding, and interpretation of content. Social, gender, and cultural issues are an example of key ideas that authors use the same ways to analyze and interpret. This integration is an example of good writing, and other scholars and an author can borrow the idea.


Bender-Slack, D. (2009). The role of gender in making meaning of texts: Bodies, discourses, and ways of reading. Feminist Teacher, 20(1), 15-27.

Moss, G. (2018). Reframing the discourse: Ethnography, Bernstein and the distribution of reading attainment by gender. European Educational Research Journal, 17(4), 528-538.

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