Essay Sample on University Education is General Education or Elite Education

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Knowledge, academic and technical skills are essential for one to be successful in life. University education plays a significant role in obtaining these skills. Presently, the number of people being enrolled in the university have increased with the rising call that every person should attain university education. This is unlike in the past where only small groups of people went to the university particularly students from wealthy families. University education is aimed at providing people with skills to handle diverse aspects of life. For example, one who has university education has more extensive employment options compared to people who did not attend the university. Thus, a society that has many university graduates is likely to exhibit positive social, political and economic changes. Graduates are required to come up with innovative techniques for doing things. It is also essential to note that obtaining a degree is one of the personal goals of every person. An individual feels empowered since a person can undertake their dream carriers. In general education, students learn general thinks of life instead of specific skills that they can use in the employment sector. As such, university education can be regarded as elite education rather than general education because students learn how to critically think when solving a given problem.

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Elite education incorporates and adapts the latest news in the world. In this, it provides explanations, outcomes, and reasons for the particular happenings. This enables university students to be well updated about the incidents and also device means of coping with the situations. For instance, universities research the field of medicine to come up with a cure for a current illness or a future one. Also, students create new theoretical models in the field of econometrics to help understand the current and future economic trends. A university takes the responsibility of creating a system that equips students with the necessary knowledge that enable them to understand the anticipated changes in all sectors of an economy. Since students are updated, they end up being employed in the research institutions that explore the cause and effect of a particular phenomenon (Borjesson et al. 92). This is contrary to the general education where students learn about the historical events which are not critical in their lives. General education also encompasses the learning of aspects that may never be used by the students.

Elite education instructs students on the value of information and how an individual can apply it to his or her advantage. As such, students get to know that the use of data can either result in positive or negative changes in society. The information would also help them surpass their expectations in life. In this case, universities have created numerous courses that tackle different aspects. Students are allowed to take the course of their choice ranging from engineering, medicine, economics, agriculture, business among others. The application of information from these fields would help improve the state of society.

Elite education has a positive impact on the personal lives of students. Unlike in general education where students are not required to critically think, elite education needs a student to think outside the box. Most of the courses in the university are technical and are mostly applicable in real life situations. As a result, students become focused, self-driven and diligent. Also, they start valuing the opportunities that come to their direction rather than taking them for granted. This is the primary reason why most university graduates take an interest in understanding how they can apply their knowledge in the real world rather than focus on obtaining good grades. Today, the world is competitive and requires a person to think to be successful critically (Borjesson et al. 92). One should view any challenge as an opportunity to do something else better, as such critical thinking courses make it easier for students to reach their full potential. This is the main reason why most governments have imitated efforts to increase the number of people who go to universities. For example, more universities have been established therefore increasing the rate of enrollment. Also, most nations have created financial aid programs that help students from low-income families pay their fees.

Elite education provides an incentive for students to learn about the world. In most cases, elite education requires students to attend classes (Borjesson et al. 92). Also, they have to visit the library where they research about the diverse issues occurring in the world. Unlike general education where students are not assigned grades, elite education provides results to students. The results motivate the students to conduct further research with the objective of improving their performance. There is a difference between students who undertake general education and elite education. Taking a course in the university involving bodybuilding and human nutrition equips students with information about the value of nutrients, phytochemicals, vitamins, and antioxidants. In general education, students do not take an interest in exploring the importance of the nutrients. As such, university education is an elite education since it offers people an incentive to venture on their accord.

Elite education offers students a sense of discipline. In general education, it is not mandatory for students to carry out research and projects. This is not the case in university education where students have to carry out projects and go for attachments. During these situations, students are supposed to portray a high level of discipline. Moreover, these situations make the students responsible in other spheres of their lives. This is the primary reasons why most of the professional jobs are taken by people who possess university education.


Based on the above discussion, it is evident that university education is an elite education rather than general education. An elite education provides students with skills which they can later apply in the real world. It also involves studying specific aspects or issues in the world. On the other hand, general education encompasses study general things about life. Unlike in the past, universities have also created a criterion in which they chose students for a particular course. Students learn things that they might never apply in their life. Today, most countries are initiating programs that ensure every person gets a university education. A society that comprises of many university graduates is likely to exhibit positive changes since people are aware of the different fields including medicine, agriculture, and economics among others. Also, universities give students the chance of choosing the course of their choice. Thus, it would be vague to argue that university education is general education because technical and critical thinking skills are learned. The skills enabled one to become self-driven and focused on what they want to achieve in life.

Work Cited

Borjesson, Mikael, et al. "Elite education in Sweden." Elite Education: International Perspectives (2015): 92.

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