Essay Sample on Transforming of UOWCHK/CCCU

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Date:  2022-12-09


The Community College and City University is a reputable leading college in Hong Kong providing high level and quality education to more than six thousand tertiary students. The university provides a broad range of programs such as Diploma in General Studies, Associate Degree, as well as International language Proficiency Tests with basic courses. The University's AD programs are aimed to supplement a core area of specialization with considerable components in general education and generic skills. These prepare students for further studies at the senior level of university education as well as employment. This equally plays a key role in nurturing personal development of students.

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With about 220 well qualified and dedicated staff, CCCU is highly regarded for its rigor in quality assurance and its emphasis on holistic education. Significant resources are devoted to devising a rigorous curriculum and arranging overseas study tours and short courses, internships, and career exposure and mentorship programmes that facilitate the intellectual development of students. Positive feedback from employers who offer placement opportunities and internships affirms the role played by the College in the education, career development and personal growth of our students.

The UOWCHK/CCCU has over 220 dedicated and qualified staffs and is highly considered for its precision in quality assurance and its emphasis on universal education. The university has committed a substantial amount of resources in devising a rigorous curriculum and making arrangements for tours and studies abroad, career exposure, internship, and mentorship programs that enable the intellectual development of students. The positive feedback that the employers who provide internship and placement opportunities to students from this university supports the role which the university play in the career development and growth, as well as education of its students.

Worth noting is that the majority of the graduates from this university who are progressing to further studies have either managed to advance into senior year places and gotten admission with progressive standing in undergraduate programmes which are provided by the University Grant Committee financed institution in Hong Kong.

The CCCU has been in formal union with the University of Wollongong Australia since July 2015. Through this union the CCCU students learning experiences and horizons have been broadened and enriched through exchange programs to UOW. The CCCU graduates university have had their opportunities improved through the availability of UOW top-up degrees. This has resulted. This alliance has made students undertaking most of the Associate Degrees programs at the college to be eligible to a locally credited, globally recognized qualification from CCCU.

To this regard, the university is in the process of transiting to become a UOWCHK by 2020. To achieve this noble objective, the university has devised various strategies that will see it achieve this objective by 2020. The university has initiated a brand awareness campaign aimed at boosting the university's reputation in Hong Kong. The university has organized an Australian Cultural Fair in Telford Campus that will take place on 15th March 2019 from 9.00 am to 6. 00 am. The cultural fair will feature among other things, a seminar regarding the university as well as the Australian tertiary education industry, the degree programs offered at the university and the booths promoting the associate degrees, and an aboriginal workshop which will last for at least 90 minutes. The cultural fair will also feature booths selling the Australian foods and products, and a live native Australian music band.

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