Essay Sample on Trail Camera Marketing Strategy

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The trail camera, like many products, will go through the process of the life cycle, in other words, the cameras will be presented as a new equipment that is introduced to the market. Then, what follows will be the development process before finally being released into the market. Every marketing strategy is built in, for its acronym in English "STP", segmentation, target (goal or goal), and positioning. A company discovers different needs and groups in the market, locates those needs and groups, places them as targets that can satisfy in a superior form. Then, it positions its offers so that the white market recognizes the distinctive offers of the company and its image. If a company makes a poor product positioning, it will confuse the market (Kotler et al. 5). On the contrary, if the company works in an excellent position in the market, then it can dedicate itself to work the rest of its marketing planning and its differentiation of its strategy of its positioning in the market. In this way, the cameras will be in a healthy position. Later, the positioning and other life cycles of the cameras are replicated in more detail.

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The differentiation of image of the Trail Camera will be directed to the answer of his clients. In other words, the main way to handle the marketing of the cameras is by the "technology" of these products. For example, "Trail Camera" will present its different models on the internet. However, the differentiation and positioning of a company must change simultaneously with changes in product, market, and competitors during the life cycle of the product.

We will use the differentiation strategy through products and services giving added value to the product; our service is based on the sale, installation, and maintenance of the security cameras, which distinguishes us from other companies that provide this service since they only focus on installation and sale. In addition to this we would provide technical advice regarding the use of equipment, this would give us a competitive advantage since we would offer a more complete service and thus we could position ourselves occupying a distinguishable place in the mind of the target audience (Kotler et al. 8). This is a convincing reason to acquire the product, not only is it looking to sell, but also an annex to This will create confidence and security in them to project future purchases and loyalty from our future clients. The rivalry between existing competitors is identified by improving the position of companies using tactics such as competition in price, advertising and specialized service for the customer. The rivalry arises because companies feel affected or see the opportunity to improve their position.

We will stand out for providing everything in the field of security cameras being the main brand backed by a quality and affordable price. Marketing a brand of international prestige will make us a reference in the market, the goal is to provide a comprehensive service and provide new experiences to our future customers through an innovative product and service (Kotler & Waldemar 333). The pricing strategy to be used will be oriented to competition, at the time of doing the market study we realized that companies do not have a camera system because they are very expensive, this is due to the purchasing power that is available in the country. It is very difficult to enter the market with high prices mainly if you need to acquire customers and achieve loyalty, taking into account that we are a new company that wants to be known with our products and services.

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