Essay Sample on The Day I Decided to Join SHSM - My Most Important Day

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Date:  2023-01-27


Inherently, human beings encounter many memorable days in their lives. However, some of the days became ever reminding in mind. This may include days like college graduation, wedding day, or the birth of your firstborn. Profoundly reflecting on my past, I can firmly attest that the day I deliberated on enrolling in the Specialist High Skill Majors (SHSM) programs is the most important day in my life. It was on the afternoon of 23rd February 2019 when my uncle James visited our family. It was a very special day since it was seldom for my uncle to visit us and yet still it is the same day that I had finished attending my computer packages class. As we exchanged pleasantries, at one time, my uncle sought to enquire how I was fairing academically. I recounted disciplines that I found were easy as well as the areas that I found challenging. Moreover, I expounded on how I was looking for a program that would help me refine my career goals. It is in this light that my uncle shed light on the SHSM program, an idea that I immediately sought to pursue. Indeed, this day remains etched in my brain as the most memorable in my life since I had not only finished attending my computer packages class but also it was rare for my uncle to visit, not mentioning his influence on my decision to join the SHSM program.

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First of all, 23rd February 2019 remains my most important day because it is the day that I had completed doing my exams on computer packages. I had been pursuing a short computer course for three months. Throughout the study, I encountered myriads of challenges. Firstly, it was a difficult task to balance my schedule between attending my high school classes and going for computer classes during my part-time. Thus, often, I would feel exhausted and worn out. Moreover, the classes required me to complete a lot of assignments and attend practical classes every weekend. Thus, I felt immeasurable joy and much happiness the day that I completed doing my final exams since I had achieved a noteworthy milestone in my life. Indeed, as you can attest, completing these requirements was not an easy task, but the fruits were gratifying.

Secondly, my uncle visits us in seldom cases. In fact, the last time I had encountered him was five years ago at the wedding party of my niece. Thus, the virtue that he visited us adds to my justification that 23rd February 2019 is the most memorable day in my life. Undoubtedly, everyone in the compound was in a jovial mood. Often, you could hear one person crack a joke that would ensue laughter to all family members present. I vividly recall how my uncle described me as someone who had grown so big from the time when we had our last encounter. Besides, our mother prepared us a sumptuous meal that we enjoyed as we drank to our fill. Indeed, 23rd February 2019 remains etched in my memories in my life. The unexpected visit from my uncle makes me believe that it was the most important day in my life.

The culmination of the day came when the discussion shifted to the topic of Specialist High Skill Majors (SHSM) program. This was after he sought to enquire how my siblings and I were performing academically. Each one of us took a turn to narrate how he was fairing in the academic world. When it was my turn, I recounted my experiences in high school, and areas that I believed I was facing significant challenges. In the end, I expressed my concern on how I had been looking for a program that would help offer career-focused learning opportunities, and that would help me establish relationships and networks in my chosen field of economics. It is at this point that my uncle shed light about the SHSM program that would realize my dreams. My uncle underscored how the program helps students to explore and refine their career goals whilst making informed decisions related to the courses to pursue in their post-secondary studies. Further, he mentioned revealed that the program provides students with an opportunity to interact with many representatives from colleges, universities, economic sector, and internship training programs. Remarkably, the conversation between my uncle and me made me develop the interest to enroll in the SHSM program.


In conclusion, 23rd February 2019 remains to be my most important day in the life. Notably, it is the day that I completed by computer package test and yet still my uncle whom I cherish visited us after a long time. More importantly, the dialogue between us made me develop an interest in joining the SHSM program. Indeed, events of that day will remain vivid in my memories. Lastly, it is my utmost believe that this program will help me refine my career goals as well as interact with representatives from different spheres of the economy.

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