Employee Inspiration. Interpersonal Style. The Big Five Personality Test

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An employer's strategy can have a positive influence on the inspiration and motivation of the employees, thus helping in the improvement of performance in an organization. There are different strategies that can be used by the employers to influence and inspire staffs and subordinates in improving performance in an organization. A charismatic leader is an example of the leadership style that can be adopted by an employer, and the leadership style plays an essential role in motivating and inspiring the performance of the employees. According to James & Lahti (2011), there are different models that can integrate several levels of leadership. James & Lahti (2011) suggested that being a charismatic leader will influence and inspire workers to improve their performance in an organization. The authors verified their claim by using about 1,662 employees in about 15 organizations. After testing, the outcomes indicated that a charismatic leader significantly contributes to the employee inspiration. Besides, the authors suggested that the organizational system factors greatly influence the inspiration of the employees in an organization, and this predicts several criteria for the performance of an organization.


James, K. & Lahti, K. (2011). Organizational Vision & System Influences on Employee Inspiration and Organizational Performance. Creativity & Innovation Management. Social Science Research Network.

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Interpersonal Style

An interpersonal style is defined as how a person interacts with other people. Our interpersonal styles are affected by our personalities, environment, values we work and live in, and the styles adopted by the people we interact in different environments. There are different benefits we can get from our interpersonal styles. For example, understanding our interpersonal styles will help in an effective communication and listening skills, and these are the success factors that we can have. Besides, understanding our interpersonal styles will help us know our strength and weaknesses evident in our behavioral style. We will identify ways of improving the areas of weakness after knowing our area of weaknesses. Lastly, understanding our interpersonal styles will play an essential role in knowing the interpersonal styles of other team members (Foster, 2013).


Foster, I. (2013). The Importance of Interpersonal Styles. People Assured. Retrieved from http://static1.1.sqspcdn.com/static/f/861003/22807151/1369960838953/The+importance+of+interpersonal+style.pdf?token=vO9M2PehGqgjEcFwpnxvFHBCJ80%3D

The Big Five Personality Test

There are five big personality tests that are used in assessing the personality of an individual. The first one is an extraversion (E) trait. An extraversion trait is the personality trait that is used when seeking fulfillment from different sources outside the community or self. According to the test, high scorer individual tends to be social compared to the low scorer who tend to work on the project without assistance. Agreeableness (A) is the second personality test that is based on the reflection of the individuals to adjust their character traits to suit others. In this case, a high scorer individual is likely to be polite compared to a low scorer. Conscientiousness (C) is the third personality test of being a hardworking and honest individual. In this case, a high scorer individual will tend to follow instructions compared to a low score who may mess up with the instructions. Neuroticism is the fourth personality test in which an individual will tend to be emotional. Openness to Experience (O) is the fifth and last personality test of seeking an intellectual and novel experience (Gosling et al. 2003).

The above assessment can play an essential role in improving the effectiveness of a leader. For example, the assessment can help in taking note of the required traits before hiring. Also, the assessment can help in identifying the personality traits that can fit into the requirements of the organization. Lastly, the assessment can help in pairing employees with individual who suit their personality traits.


Gosling, D. S., Rentfrow, J. P., & Swann, B. W. (2003). A Very Brief Measure of the Big-Five Personality Domains. Department of Psychology, University of Texas. A Journal of Research in Personality. http://gosling.psy.utexas.edu/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/JRP-03-tipi.pdf

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