Essay on Forensic Investigation of John Smith: D&B Investigations Team Leads

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Date:  2023-02-12


D&B Investigations team was hired to conduct a forensic investigation on John Smith who was suspected of distributing proprietary information to a rival company for financial gain. The lead investigator is Ramchad Somaya. Forensic evidence was captured on-site from a device used by John Smith. The analysis is to be carried out in D&B Investigation's lab and is accredited by The American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors. To ensure a competent and active investigation, Electronic Evidence Examiner was used to retrieve and examine documentations from the device used in association with the suspect and the case.

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Description of the Incident

After completing the forensic examination report of the suspected John Smith's disk image, I was able to discover evidence of theft of "Proprietary Information" and various indications that Mr. Smith had searched for possible high-end homes and luxurious lite car, and money information. Additionally, other data indicated that Smith was searching for methods of money transfer. Files showing Mr. Smith's plan are such as "confidential info. Pdf", "Offshore Bank Account Inquiry. docx, and Luxury Bungalow. Pdf. This evidence shows that Mr. Smith was planning to sell the "proprietary information" for commercial gain.

Summary of Findings

During the investigation, I managed to produce a piece of evidence which I believe is linked to John Smith to the crime of stealing the "proprietary information." I also managed to obtain eight pieces of contingent evidence leading to believe that Smith was planning to sell the "Proprietary Information" to earn some money. Every piece of evidence found displayed reasoning of its significance to suggest that Mr. Smith was associated with the accusations against him.

  • Fracking's Water Pollution Problem, named as Company Propietary.pdf document, explained the Fracking technology that shall eradicate the toxic wastewater produced in the Fracking process. This document associates Mr. Smith to theft of proprietary information, which is a crime.
  • Elite car.jpg is a document of an image of a high-end sports car which leads one to believe that the suspect is selling very crucial information for financial gain.
  • Offshore Bank Account Inquiry.docx is a document that suggests that Smith is searching for ways to open an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands, which proves that he had a plan of earning a large sum of money from selling the proprietary information.
  • Luxury Portfolio named as Luxury Buglow.pdf is a document of advertisement of a luxurious home for sale, which makes one believe that Smith was selling the "Proprietary Information."
  • Money Info.docx is a document showing the best ways to transfer money from one bank to another, suggesting that Smith was in the middle of a deal earning a lot of money.
  • Offshore Banking Landing Page.jpg is a document showing a bag full of money that is believed to be earned from the sale of crucial information.
  • Jagged Peak Energy (JAG) in a report named Confidential Info.pdf contains the oil company's private business information. This indicates that Smith had accessed and tampered the info.


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