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Date:  2023-03-07


Forgiveness is a deliberate decision that is meant to release a feeling of resentment or vengeance towards an individual or people who harmed you. This is done regardless of whether or not they deserve such kind of decision. To earn forgiveness, a person must demonstrate true penitence rather than be sorrowful. Penitence is referred to as the state of being sorrowful over one's actions. A penitent person, therefore, feels repentant of his or her actions and thus demonstrate deep remorse that ultimately instills motivation in them to change their behaviors. True penitence, in this case, therefore, integrates humility, regret, and sorrow. Understandably, a person can be remorseful but not penitent. This is based on the fact that it is possible that individuals can hate their sinful actions towards other people and regret choosing such directions. However, they may still not be willing to repent their actions. Therefore, those who demonstrate true penitence are the people who deserve forgiveness.

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There is a situation when forgiveness is not a solution. In my opinion, forgiveness is not an option only when one that needs to forgive is not strong. It is undeniable that forgiveness needs courage and acceptance that the people they once trusted are no longer there. It should be known that forgiving another person does not necessarily mean that those who forgive have forgotten the wrongs done to them. Broadly, the implication of forgiving is to let go and proceed on with life as holding the grudges can only cause pain. Additionally, the decision to forgive other people does not mean that we feel for them. It is a decision to let go and leave happily. In my view, forgiveness should never be an option or a solution. Over time, the offender or the victim of the wrongdoing may realize that the offenders are still happy outside there, even with the knowledge that they have not been forgiven. This is the point when one develops suffering and pain.


Forgiveness is a powerful tool that nations can use to build and promote global peace. Fundamentally, it is an element that drives the human spirit. Because of this fact, forgiveness can contribute to the creation of a strong foundation for dialogue among nations. The global historical information reveals that nations have done atrocities to other countries to the extent that it is impossible to forgive. If nations were not to forgive one another, then Japan and the United States would still be in a constant state of war after the bombing of both the Nagasaki and Hiroshima cities. If forgiveness were not necessary or essential, then the Jews would still be in a constant battle with their Germans counterparts for the Nazi persecution. However, the forgiveness between these nations or groups have helped release the bitterness and anger and facilitated the re-humanization of one another. Therefore, forgiveness is the key to global reconciliation. Such reconciliation is not possible without dehumanization. Learning from these examples, it is evident that if countries forgave each other for the past and started on a clean slate, we can achieve an everlasting global peace.


The statement "forgive and forget" is not accurate. Just because we forgive does not mean that we can forget the sins and actions that other people did to us. The implication of forgiving is to let go and proceed on with life because holding the grudges causes pain, which can develop to other worst conditions. When we forgive other people, it does not mean that we feel for them. Instead, it is a decision to let go and leave happily. Practicing forgiveness is also a way to create peace within the lives of others as well as in our world. The past, present, and future exist simultaneously, and thus, living a life with no grudge or regret bridges the human spirits.


Forgiveness is an action that is not earned. Broadly, no one deserves to be forgiven for her wrongdoings. In my opinion, the decision to forgive begins with the person who is offended. Whether the wrongdoer asks for forgiveness or not, it is no guarantee that they will earn it. Notably, forgiveness is immeasurable, and all actions perceived wrong can be forgiven if, at all, the person who forgives develops a sense of forgiveness and does it justifiably. A child cheating her parents about her homework may not be overlooked while a murder who has claimed many lives may be forgiven. The opposite is also exact and possible. If one decides to forgive, he or she should do it with one heart full of humility and truth. The act that hurts or offended one might always be with them. However, forgiveness can reduce the grip associated with such acts and help them free themselves from the control of the people who harmed them.

Thoughts on Peace

Language and media are critical tools that can be used to impact peace and conflict. Fundamentally, language and media can bring together different individuals, nations, or ethnic groups to discuss issues. The genocide in Sudan is arguably one of the worst human massacres in the history of the world. However, the use of media through the local TV and Radio stations helped spread cohesion messages and strengthened the relationship between the warring fronts. In my view, using social media sites to spread messages of peace is the easiest way and thing I can do to promote peace.


Lederach, John Paul. Preparing for peace: Conflict transformation across cultures. Syracuse University Press, 1996.

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