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Date:  2022-11-04

Words of Advice

Success in college calls for more than just academic proficiency because students with an impression established on such an idea often face challenges of a successful stay in college particularly when they enter college unprepared. Therefore, successful stay and completion of college studies require a student to be open up to life-long qualities or integrative education that foster intellectual skills like inquisitiveness, openness, elasticity, engagement, and determination which are very important in developing suppressed and manageable competencies that are hardly given direct responsiveness in class.

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Surviving the hardship in college is all about realizing the possibilities and the choices that wait for you ahead in your journey of college studies. In order to have a revelation of the full potential and choices that are in front of you as a college student, it is also important to always remember that successful college studies demand adequate industry, commitment, and sacrifice because clearly success requires sacrifice. Sacrificing for success in college implies making your college education the number one priority and working relentlessly so that you do not give a chance to your doubts to overcome you.

Expectations are always the source of disappointment in life therefore as a college student I would advise you not to set higher expectations in college especially in regards to academics for instance expectations of less work because maybe you are held up in other business like a job or family affairs. Even though some students may raise complains regarding the volume of work in a particular study area and they may think they are the first ones to ever face the challenge of completing work within tight schedules, it is important to remember that there have also been successful students who made despite their busy schedules. Like I emphasized earlier, success and peaceful stay in college require commitment. Commitment in regards to college studies implies fitting the coursework with the busy schedules. Generally, expectations of less work because of busy schedule are likely to cause lack of peace in college to stay hence the say by Sri Chinmoy, "Peace begins when expectation ends."


One of the habits of the mind that I possess now that I did not have at the beginning of the semester is persistence. I have learned to be persistent in everything but most importantly my college education. Generally, a college education is full of challenges that not everyone can come along with. The college challenges range from the availability of college fees to the attendance of classes and completion of assignments to college life balance. Therefore, it requires someone to be persistent to overcome the challenges that show up particularly in the middle of the semester when things get even tougher.

My stay in college through this semester to the end has transformed into a totally different person. At the beginning of the semester, everything seemed smooth however at some point in the middle of the semester I never thought if I would sever get to the end of the semester because it all seemed like a huge impossible goal which developed into my biggest fear. Generally, throughout this semester I learned a great deal from our coursework of the Habits of the Mind even though it did not really mean so much interest to me in the beginning, but after analysis of the coursework I realized its value and even understood the way in which I was developing some of the habits of the mind especially persistence which seemed to be my weakness because naturally I never knew how to push things for long.

Some of the criticisms that I have met in college are generally from individuals who had lost the hope of persisting with the hard times of the semester. Even though college is not all about classwork, sometimes attendance of class can be a challenge especially in the cold mornings that follow a tiresome night. However, it takes determination and focuses to overcome the various challenges together with persistence in pursuit for success.Part Three: Best Paper and Journal

The journal entry of the book authored by Emily St John Mandela titles "STATION ELEVEN" is my best based on the fact that I am an international student from China and one exciting aspect of the journal is in the way the writer seeks to achieve showmanship. I also believe that the book itself "Station Eleven" is a good book from which I can learn some principles which is why I chose the journal about it. The book portrays the intentions of the author to depict the image of the cataclysm that would collapse all humanity and all current civilizations. The book portrays the way in which people are likely to face massive disasters in which they cannot figure out the approach of life because people will lose the modern civilization technology and begin living a primitive life.

Journals 5 and 6 by Yaohui ZhuMark are my best papers because of the way in which they review the book "Station Eleven" in the way the book portrays how we take the things in our lives for granted and never realize the chronological steps that man followed to create civilization. These papers depict the incredible power that people have that they cannot imagine if all of them could pull all spirit on one thing. Generally, the book interests me the most because it informs about that the most important thing is to never give up whatever you meet and keep going on because the world provides all which include the hope from the sunshine.


Mandel, E. S. (2014). Station Eleven. New York: Alfred A. Knopf.

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