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The purpose of this assessment is to provide an evaluation of the roles I undertook within an organization where I have been working. The self-assessment is always a perfect opportunity for evaluation one's ability depending on the experiences gained as well as the challenges encountered in a given work environment. The actual score for this assignment was above average considering the fact that all the listed attributes or assessment elements were carefully evaluated. Self-assessment is a scenario of analyzing oneself with the aim of identifying the important identity. In most cases, it is an individual motive that drives self-evaluation along with self-enhancement and self-verification. After the self-evaluation, the interpretation was done in accordance with the evaluation key. The evaluation revealed that there are some areas that need adjustments to ensure that future work is done in accordance with the expectation of the organization and the management.

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The results from this assessment are essential in improving the work performance. The assessment revealed specific challenges that I faced during my role as the managing director of Aetna medical facility. In many cases, challenges are considered as the best experiences in the organization. I intend to improve the areas of weaknesses as elaborated in the assessment results in order to improve my efficiency in the management roles and in my future work. With the experience from different aspects of the company, I intend to improve my skills in managing not only the workers of a company but also the entire resources. I also intend to use the result of the assessment to improve my entrepreneurial skills. Entrepreneurship is the procedure of launching, designing, and running a new venture which is usually a small business meant to grow into a bigger one. From the assessment result, I will be able to have the willingness and the capacity to organize, develop and accomplish a commercial idea amidst the risk that comes with it in an attempt to make profits.

Are You Introverted or Extraverted?

From the interaction I had with my fellow employees, the co-workers and the management team, I can consider myself as an extrovert, I am an outgoing and a social confidence person. In most of the work processes, I had the opportunity to confidently interact with every individual. Additionally, as the manager of Aetna medical facility, I had the opportunity to interact with the visitors and the personnel from other organizations. In so doing, I continuously enhanced by interaction skills with different people both those with strong, moderate and weak personalities. In every management position, communication and interaction skills are key. When I first entered the organization, I was introverted as I had to cope up with the procedures of doing work and to familiarize myself with the people and the entire work environment. By then, I had no any responsibility, I was a team player who under the command of the team manager. However, with m long stay in the organization, I learned and grasp different communication skills that improved my ability to interact even with the strangers. As for now, I believe that I am an extrovert, I have strong communication skills, I am socially vibrant and I don't feel isolated even in the strange environment with strange people. Today, I have the tendency of making friends and interacting even with strangers in different social setups. With my extrovert nature, I acquired from the places of work, I believe that I can work in the different organization and with the challenges and a high number of strangers I used to meet in the workplaces; I have the capability of managing human factors in different organizations.

How Do You Cope With Stressful Situations?

In my position as a manager in the organization, stress was a common thing that the rest of employees and I had to experience. With numerous stressful situations, I had to develop effective ways of managing stress. My number one step that I used to take in managing stressful situations was through planning and preparing adequately. In the workplace, it is usually essential to have a contingency plan for the unexpected occurrences. I had the pre-planned and well laid down procedures for different eventualities in the workplaces. As a manager, I also ensured that the workers or the staff are well trained on how to deal with the stressful situations. With my experience, I also knew circumstances that could cause stress to me and to the entire staff and as a result, I went through several training programs to have an idea on how to deal with the stressful situations. Thinking positively is another approach that I often use in managing the unexpected stressful situations. When I think positively, I usually tend to feel confident and in control of the situation. On the other hand, I often tend to visualize the positive outcome of the stressful condition and also try to focus on the past successes that I have achieved in different tasks. In most cases, when I am faced with the stressful situation, I often put things in perspective. Instead of panicking I often try to find as much information as possible concerning the stressful situation so that I can develop the approaches that I can use to manage it. In most cases, it is necessary to calm down and relax whenever you find yourself in the stressful situations. In the work environment, I usually calm down whenever I am faced with tuff conditions that can cause unnecessary stress.

How Strong Are Your Growth Needs?

My growth needs are absolute. From the time I was in high strength, I have been having a strong desire to become a manager and an entrepreneur, I have been having a strong desire to be a social speaker and an extrovert capable of influencing people's minds with positive thoughts. Venturing in business has always remained by lifetime objective or desire. Application of entrepreneurial job or course requires basic skills that are essential in conducting business. I was exposed to business and entrepreneurial activities at a tender age when I was growing up, I used to assist my father, a great capitalist and a businessman who owned several ventures. When I was a manager, I realized that business requires substantive ideas that should focus on the future survival of the business. I was also trained by my father on how to take the risk in order to start a successful business, a characteristic possessed by each entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship can simply be defined as starting and running a small or big business, but in most cases, there is always a sharp difference between an entrepreneur and the business owner and the definition of both depends on an individual understanding and experience (Kostons, et al., 2012). During my stay at my father's investment, I learned that there is a difference between entrepreneurship and business management, and this makes me be in a position to take a course in business, entrepreneurship and or management. I have the practical aspect and I am able to handle the challenges that come with running a business venture. I am all well equipped with different business ideas including the skills of formulating ideas on starting a business idea. The main difference between the business operator is business owner wholly depend on the attitude and personal experience.

What is your Preferred Decision-Making Style?

I usually prefer the autocratic decision-making style. When I am faced with situations where there are reasonably small decisions, and larger urgency, I usually use the autocratic decision-making approach. Some of the positive behaviors that lead to successful management include involving the teams in the decision making processes with the aim of encouraging support and acceptance. As a manager, when the situation become tuff of challenging, I usually give out decision that I feel will be most appropriate for every work. Instead of asking the staff and other stakeholders on what approaches to take, with my experience and my management skills, I usually give out a direction that will best suit everyone in the organization. In most cases, creativity is essential in the process of decision-making and with the full understanding of the member of staff that works under my supervision; I understand exactly what is good for them. Their actions often depend on the situation and what is at stake for them. The autocratic leaders often carry out the decision making processes without involving their teams. The above system is applicable in cases where decision-making processes are faster and quicker. When making a decision, it is necessary to consider the impact or the size of the decision. With my experience in the management field, I understand that small decisions do not always have significant impacts in the organization; on the other hand, big decisions often have huge impacts in the organization as a whole. Deciding on the type of decision-making process to adopt depends on the dimension or the impact the decision is supposed to create in the organization.

What Team Roles Do You Prefer?

In my place of work, I prefer to be a team leader. In other words, I prefer the management roles. Being a manager comes with different responsibilities that enhance personal growth. I prefer the management roles since it comes with opportunities to interact with different people thereby providing opportunities for personal growth both socially and spiritually. Managing people is a complex procedure that requires personal commitment and inclusion of different expertise in the management process. Showing consideration and kindness to the employees is an important part of the management that attracts workers. From the Seven Habit Profile, the total score was 17, a situation indicating that kindness and appreciation of efforts shown by a leader is an essential factor in an organization (Kostons, et al., 2012). Honoring the employees and keeping their promises is one way of initiating performance and dedication of employees to their respective roles. Ensuring the needs and concerns of the subordinate is essential as long in integrating people. The management should ensure the tasks are distributed equally to according to the ability of each employee. Embracing and listening to each person is important as their contributions are vital to the growth of the organization. The managers need to act as role models in every working environment hard work and determination as well as being smart are some of the attributes that managers should portray. The proper managerial activities are defined by the ways in which the management defines several activities that enhance production. A good manager is defined by the ability to be positive in all the work activities. Talking negatively about others when they are away may cause disunity among the workers. In my "seven Habit Profile," the score for the above managerial activities were outstanding.

Are You An Active Listener?

I am an active listener but in some cases, I tend to make decisions not based on what the people say but based on what I feel is relevant to the entire institution. In most cases, I keep an open mind to what the speaker tries to elaborate until the end of the speech. While listening I usually try to internalize the main points or ideas that the speaker tries to put across an attempt to make sense out of them. In the process of listening to what the speaker attempts to communicate, I usually interrupt or stop the speaker to clarify whatever is not clear and in the process, give my opinion when I disagree with the speaker's ideas. In many occasions, people can tell when I am not paying attention to what they are trying to put across...

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