Essay Sample on Stereotyping in Workplace: Harmful Impact on Organizational Culture

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Date:  2023-01-28


Stereotyping is the underlying assumption conveyed in the judgment of people in the workplace based on their culture, gender, physical attribution, religion, and psychological assessment (Casad, & Bryant, 2016). Although the concept of stereotyping may seem to assessment a modern way of analysis and assessing individuals in a community, this gives a descriptive characteristic regarding a particular community's behavior. However, this concept is harmful when exercised in the organization context.

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Although some stereotypes may be attributed to innocence or jest, the vital principle results in hurting other people's feelings, which may be harmful when exercised in the organizational context (Van Buskirk, London, & Plump, 2018). Stereotyping practiced in the corporate context has devastating effects among the employees of the organization, which reduces teamwork and collaboration. Moreover, this insulates any possible chances of creativity and interactivity between people of different cultures in the organization.

According to Osland, Devine, & Turnerjudgment (2015), discrimination opens critical leeway in the production sector in many organizations. The final input of any product undergoes a series of steps, which passes from different people, with different backgrounds, cultural values, ethnicity, religion, as well as education level. Through this, it is essential to avoid any forms of discrimination, since, this may affect one sector in the production, leading to poor performance in the organization (Musringudin, Akbar, & Karnati, 2017). Primarily the concept of stereotype creates a barrier between workers of an organization, which results in difficulties in management. More so, this creates poor ethical practice within the organization, reducing production and morale of the workers.


In the bottom line, the term stereotype is greatly attributed to harassment and discrimination of workers, creating unsatisfactory progress in the organization (Dipboye, 2016). Never the less, this reduces the chances of employees' long term retinene, which affects the human resource management strategic planning. In a nutshell, stereotype creates a divergence relationship between workers interest and the organization.


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