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Public relations campaign is a set of activities which are planned and relate to a specific goal. An organization is expected to have specified goals which are attainable. The businesses that are strategized must be aiming at attaining the goals set. A public relations campaign usually has three attributes which are identifying the objective, researching on the activities that will help achieve the objective set, and communicating the activities to the target audience. Social media is an internet-based platform, (Fuchs, 2017). It is an internet-based technology which empowers the improvement, the use, and administration of social media services. Social media has become both a window and a bridge to the public relations practitioners', by enabling them to interconnect the internal objectives of the organization with the constant changing externalities.

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Therefore, social media public relations campaign is where the social media platforms are used for public relations campaign. There are different social media platforms which include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube. All the programs provide terminal degrees for nursing, but their ultimate course and applications work are distinct from one another (Bednash, Breslin, Kirschling, & Rosseter, 2014). An organization's public relations department amongst many other tasks must build awareness, research and analyze public attitudes and perceptions, strategize, and implement crisis plans. Social media provides a way for organizations to do these things on a scale not known in earlier times when messages had first to bypass the filter of the media "gatekeepers". As stated by Rupert Murdoch, "Technology is shifting the power away from the editors, the publishers, the establishment, and the media elite. Now it's the people who are in control".

In the current generation, the use of social media is an effective method of having a public relations campaign. A lot of people are engaged in these platforms and, therefore, the message is received by a large population. The organization that is to be discussed is the Starbucks Incorporation. This is an American company that deals with coffee and tea products. It is a marketer, roaster, and retailer of coffee, (Roby, 2011). The company also sells goods and services under various brands.

The Starbucks Company has embraced the social media platforms, and it is well known for this. It is known as the killer of social media, (Huff, 2014). The organization works in four segments which are America, Europe, Africa, and Channel development. Starbucks supplies recommend coffee and tea refreshments. The company's mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit - one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time. The Starbucks Company offers a selection of fine pastries and premium teas. The Starbucks Company ensures that the coffee is grown under the highest standards of quality using ethical sourcing practices.

The people who buy coffee for the company travel to coffee farms in Latin America, Asia, and Africa. The buyers are experts in selecting the beans which are of high quality. This company produces a range of exceptional products which people have embraced at a high rate. More than 30 blends plus single-origin premium coffees are produced. The Starbucks organization operates a coffee plant in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Besides, it also owns a processing plant in Portland for its Tazo tea.

The Starbucks Company uses the social media platform to interact with its customers, (Huff, 2014). Through the social media platforms that it employs, the company is in a position to stay connected with its followers and fans. Starbucks is regarded as the primary representative of the "second wave coffee." The company is unique and distinguished from the other organizations due to the taste, quality, and customer experience. The Starbucks locations usually provide hot and cold drinks, whole-bean coffee and micro-ground instant coffee. The following are the Starbucks social media statistics: 37.2 million Facebook likes, 11.9 million Twitter followers, 16million Instagram fans, 60, 000 Pinterest followers and 153, 000 YouTube subscribers, (Roby, 2011). The Starbucks campaign is effective considering that they highly target the audience. The campaigns have helped in increasing the profit margins of the company.

The Starbucks social media management team controls what is in the social media platforms of the company. The posts are usually attractive and, therefore, the majority of the Facebook users access it. Through the Twitter social platform, the company reaches to the customers to interact about their experiences of the product. This is where the company can collect the grievances that the clients may be having. On the visually-oriented sites, this includes Pinterest and Instagram, Starbucks shines. In these platforms, the company posts appealing beverage-related photos to demonstrate to the existing and new customers what they offer. The Starbucks Company posts its information on social media in an exciting way. When one observes the posts, a positive impression is created.

The Starbucks Incorporation believes in keeping and retaining the customers. The Starbucks Company has more than 21, 000 stores in more than 65 nations. Therefore, social media is an effective platform which the company uses to retain their customers. Besides, new customers are attracted due to the positive feedbacks that they hear from other people. The company comprehends quite well that retaining customers is challenging. This is because the company has to ensure that high-quality standards are maintained all through.

The social media public relations campaign is effective considering that it is in a position of communicating and interacting with its customers. The company has retained its customers by ensuring that their needs are attended to appropriately. High-quality products and services are offered, and this is what makes the customers happy. The products never disappoint customers. The Starbucks Company prioritizes its customers. They put a lot of effort into ensuring that the customers are satisfied. This is why they embrace social media platforms in receiving feedback from the employees. In my opinion, the organization can improve public relations through social media by ensuring that they respond to the majority of the feedback that they receive in social media. This organization serves a lot of people in the world and, therefore, lots of people offer their opinions and suggestions on social media. It is essential to respond to these people to avoid losing them as potential customers.


In conclusion, the Starbucks organization has greatly embraced the use of social media in advertising its products. The company interacts with its customers through social media with the aim of retaining them. It retains the customers by ensuring that products and services of high-quality standards are offered.


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