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As a student, it is common knowledge that one would like to know how they would benefit from studying a specific course. Sociology is a broad course. However, some theories help in making one understand how life is today and what factors influence the way we relate with other people. As you have said, you would like to get to understand the significance of sociological theories I think it would be important that I first explain what these theories.

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Marx sociological theory states that class has an economic basis which develops based on the effects of capitalism. According to this theory owner of big corporations who control the manufacturing and other components t of wealth in the society dominate the economic social and political areas of our community. Large business supported by capitalism makes it difficult for small business by encroaching on their domains and taking away their market and thus forces them out of business. Capitalism according to Marx thrives through the exploitative system that oppresses mainly the working class.

By exploiting the working class, capitalism creates alienation in the number of ways. These ways of separation include culture and loss of creativity. Capitalism has created a culture that makes the masses desire the products they produce. To ensure that they do not question this action the system uses government to spread ideologies such religion and obedience to the law to prevent them from being empowered and realize they are being exploited. Government is a big player in ensuring that capitalism thrives because they serve mainly the interests of the owner so that they profit and bring in more profit. Capitalism thus influence policies and government programs through indirect control on representation and influence peddling.

Through fronting capitalism the government and the politicians become the ruling class working on behalf of the capitalistic group to ensure their operation are not compromised. Alienation thus begins at the labor process within the society when the workers agree to work with an exchange for wages(Marx). These create alienation because the worker sacrifices his or her control for the process of production for products with high economic value with an exchange for little wages. Based on this capitalism alienates the worker from the labor process and from controlling the labor process and also from their skills as the mass production replaces their skills in given business workers thus are alienated from themselves. Another alienation occurs also based on these when the workers are alienated from the products of their labor because they are now owned by their employers.

According to George Ritzier, the postmodern society is a consumer society that continuously introduces new forms of consumption to meet the desires of the masses who then profits capitalists. In today's world, there are significant forms through which people consume, and many more are coming up, examples include credit cards, and shopping networks especially online ones. In the modern world, the capitalist thrives by making us think we need to spend more. One of the significant works of George ritzier is the focus on McDonaldization that is promoted by some factors that contribute to their success in the food industry.

The McDonalds operate on a particular dimension that facilitates efficiency, calculability control and predictability (Ritzer & Stepnisky). The systematic operations that happen as in the case of this organization seek to make it easy for people to spend their money through their variety of services that make it easy for people to spend their money. Opponents of this theory by George argue that these huge companies are products of technological advances that seeks to enhance human life by simplifying a lot of things.

Sociology seeks to explain the way human being relate to interact and solve conflicts that rise as they plan for their future. The theorist in this field come up with this theories through observing and taking notes through the experiment in how people interact and share their experiences among themselves. Habits of the people within a given society and what factors prompt them to act in a specific manner plays a crucial role in aiding theorists to make judgments and understand the actions of the people in a given population.

Today in our diverse society different problems face the population, and many people are unaware of what cause these problems. By studying sociology, you will be able to get an understanding of the structure of the society, and as a such maybe you can also come up with an explanation of why certain behaviors occur. Knowledge in this field also will benefit the people around you as through you they will be able to understand how their action contributes to issues such as class and other economic changes.

Another reason why should choose the field of sociology is that human socialization is a very interpreting filed that mainly focuses on how people interact. Problems within the society such as marriage and other issues of contention such as sexuality can guide an individual look at himself by getting more understanding through certain theories. Through learning more about what the arguments entail you can be able to see the need to understand things such as class and the consumer habits of any given population.

In our societies, there are a lot of conflicts that emerge, and the majority of the people do not know what the indirect causes are. The significance of learning sociology is that it will equip someone to teach people of the different characteristics of capitalism and how they shape the behavior of people. Sociological theories will also guide you learn the different interpretation of the actions of people both economically and socially.

Through studying this course also you will be able to develop an appreciation for the world's diversity as well as improved knowledge base with regards to human behavior. Sociology will also be beneficial in that it will be relevant in understanding specific issues arising because of social changes. Being a sociologist gives one an opportunity to focus more on the behavior of people rather than what the other students seek to follow. Sociological theories also are significant because they will help you learn the outside forces that influence our values, behaviors, and attitudes.


Studying sociality is also significant as it will give you as an individual a better position to describe upcoming changesespecially in our society and maybe you can even come up with a theory that explains the behaviors of people. By relating to your experiences within the community, you will be in a better position when compared with individuals who have not studied these to explain the reasons why people behave in a given manner.

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