Essay Sample on Reflection with Assessment

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Date:  2022-10-21


In learning, it is essential for the parties involved to know the effectiveness of the process. This understanding is achievable through assessment. This paper illustrates and reflects on experiences, assesses them from three perspectives and shows how useful assessment results are.

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Reflection on Experiences

Regarding academic, it fulfills my desire to access education as a learner. The functional relationship with my educators enables me to achieve greater height in academics. My institution continuous sporting and cultural events my social growth. As an educator, how learners react to assessment makes me change the strategy of measuring their progress. Through guiding and counseling, learners feel free to share issues that require psychological guidance. As a parent, learning center proves useful in the development of my child through the school-parent connection. Also, interaction with students' parents helps in developing a student's emotional life as they can appreciate school as a second.

Reflection on Assessment

Across the board, the effect of any assessments is the fever. Expectations about the results hit learners, educators and parents leading anxiety. As a learner, my mind wonders about what the determinations are about, and what I will score. As an educator, results of the evaluation depict my work while as a parent the results prove worth of investing in the child. The review shows the progress of the system. As a learner, I discovered that I need to improve on the skills of handling assessments. Relative to prior evaluation, my confidence had collapsed, and I have to improve on my approaches. As an educator, the determination opened another eye to me. The initial assumption that results represent a student's ability needs to change. As a parent, the evaluation is a period comes with lots of stress caused by how the system arranged. As I adjust towards the requirements of the systems, it should as well be revised to introduce a non-intensive assessment period.

Before, During and after the Assessment

Just before the assessments, I experienced tension. Thoughts of how I could stay awake the eve to the evaluation to satisfactorily prepare for the review filled my mind. I even fail to settle and clear up some necessary revisions. During the assessment when I failed the initial test, I wondered if my educator taught me the concept. I kept on asking myself if the whole if the exam is going to be the same. I then developed tactics of gaining confidence. A feeling of the review is not all that matters in life engulfed my mind and allowed me to respond with available information. After finishing my assessment, I developed a feeling of relief because I was not going to sit too late hours preparing for next day's assessment. Exhaustion hit my body due to extensive preparation in an effort d to finish strongly. Remember mistakes that I made during the evaluation leads to fear and doubt about what my results would be.

Use of the Results

After the evaluation, educators analyzed the results for reflection. Since the results show the position of learners relative to academic and social needs of the society, relevant stakeholders used them to improve on students learning. The good results guided educators and where to emphasize their classes. The teachers develop models that aid proper instruction and leads to high-quality students work. Curricula developers used them to design a syllabus that underscores learners' creativity rather than sticking to books.


Assessment of the learning process is essential for the leaner, educator and parents to reflect on the progress of the system. However, to attain good results, stakeholders should develop good management approaches to the experiences during the assessment. In any case, the results help the stakeholders improve on the parts the reports show weakness.

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