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The quality of education is important, and hence innovations are needed to promote the learning abilities of the student. The IoT (Internet of thing) is the innovation that is meant to make the class interactive by ensuring that the students gain interest in education, have customised curriculum, study at their own pace, focus on relevant and more prosperous content and scale the teachers. This research determines that, in Cambodia, the villages in Preah Vihear province is affected by the low quality of education. However, the government is not doing enough to ensure that the children get the necessary resources for their quality education. Also, there is a devastating economy that has languishes the villagers into poverty making it impossible for their children to get to school and gain knowledge. The class turnover is down, and few make it to the primary level, secondary and even tertiary. However, the parents are optimistic and wish that their children could get a quality education so that they can prosper in life and help them shortly. The following research applies Multi-Scale Approach (MSA) in Cambodia's province of Preah Vihear, where five villages (Svay Leu, Angkor Thum, Banteay Stri, Varin, and Lovea) will be involved in the research to understand the nature of education in the village and how it can be resolved through the Internet of Things (IoT). Chapter 1 is will introduce the reader to the situation in the education standard in the rural areas and the urban centres; as per the previous. Chapter 2 will include the introduction to the nature of the rural education in Cambodia plus its close challenges is noted; and the Multi-Scale Approach (MSA. Chapter 3 is the methodology whereby factual data are collected. Chapter 5 include the selection of the suitable IoT for the MSA of research area. Chapter 5 is the implementation of the selected IoT. Lastly, chapter 6 is the conclusion on the research. The methodology used in the research is collecting facts from the five villages to determine the severity of poor education in the region, as well as the attitude and expectations that the locals have in the education industry. One of the schools in Angkor Thum village will be selected for the pilot study to analyse the application of the IoT and its devices in the classroom, and how effective they can be as a smart education tool in making lessons to be interactive, attractive and educative to the kindergarten children. In addition, the study will determine whether there is an affordable IoT, that is adaptable to hardship of the area and the one that can less complex to the local This study only targets the kindergartens for the children aged 2-6years old, and the possible solution, application, budgeting and finances will be determined.

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Technology advancement has been able to improve different sectors such as schools, hospitals, and business among others. Technology has made communication easier due to various applications that send and receive information from people in various locations across the world. Technology has introduced internet connections, which makes the world appear as a small global village since people can interact through their mobile phones and computers. Applications such as teleconferencing have enabled business partners to conduct businesses despite being in different states in the world. Teleconferencing can also be used by teachers to educate students despite the teacher being absent in school.

Therefore, since children in rural areas of Cambodia experiences a shortage of teacher, internet application such as video conferencing and video telephony would assist urban teachers in teaching such children through mobile phones and computers; hence, reducing school dropouts. However, some countries have not been able to access internet connection due to poverty because internet services ought to be paid. Therefore, such countries continue to utilize old methods such as registering children in books, which are easily misplaced or torn making it difficult to trace the performance of the student. However, development in technology has led to the introduction of online registration whereby through the internet the information of the student is stored in the school database system. The Internet of Things makes it easier for children to study through online books. Therefore, this paper illustrates the positive impact of integrating Internet of Things to reduce school dropout in the Cambodia Kingdom.

Cambodia is situated in South-East Asian with a population of 16.48 million citizens. Also referred to as the kingdom of Cambodia, Cambodia's capital city is Phnom Penh and has 25 provinces as well as 165 districts (world population review 2019). Despite having numerous investors from developed countries such as China, Cambodia is among the poorest nations across the global. Based on the World Bank report, most poor individuals of Cambodia live in rural areas. Nonetheless, expansion of the agricultural sector and tourists industries, rice production, resilient construction activity as well as garment exports has led to a reduction of poverty rates in 2017 and 2018 compared to 2014 and 2007. The shift of rural people from farm work to non-farm jobs such as construction and garment production has led to a reduction of poverty level from 47.8% in 2007 to 13.5% in 2014.

Additionally, in 2013, Chinese investors invested US$436, while in 2014 they invested $532 million with 70 projects. Hence, Cambodia kingdom has been able to eradicate a certain percentage of poverty, but still, remains to be among the most impoverished kingdom due to lack of education. Education assists individuals in identifying business gaps and making investments in the business that are highly likely to produce more profits than losses. Cambodia lacks sufficient education especially in rural areas, which makes it difficult for them to establish and exercise smart business goals.

Education is among critical sectors that the government ought to ensure they provide for its citizens to boost productive and economic development. Children in rural areas tend not to receive adequate education due to insufficient resources such as books and teachers. Sending teachers in rural areas requires the government to establish houses that would accommodate the teachers since most educated teachers might not be able to travel from rural areas to their home, which might be in urban areas. However, Cambodia has been unable to provide adequate resources for education, leading to the development of rural community schools, which have insufficient resources.

Children taught in community schools tend to drop out of school because they lack enough teachers to teach and make follow-ups on their students' education. However, with the introduction of the Internet of Things Cambodia would be able to provide home-based education for rural area children through interaction with teachers using smartphones and computers. Through the internet, children will be able to learn different devices used by the internet, making it easier for them to search for online information on topics they do not understand. Additionally, teachers will have enough time to access their assignment through their computers at home. Therefore, the Cambodia government should implement the Internet of Things to assist in boosting education in rural areas.

The paper is divided into three sections:

Chapter 1 and 2 introduction and limitation of the research question. Chapter 1 introduces issues hindering quality education for kindergarten children in Cambodia's rural areas, leading to them dropping out. Disc...

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