Essay Sample on Psychological Aspects of Cloning

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Cloning refers to the process of biotechnology in either artificial or natural organisms with similar features are genetically produced. Cloning is a way through which biotechnologists try to copy the natural process in which many organisms are able to produce clones through the process of asexual reproduction. It is, therefore, a process which allows the creation of clones of the same organisms or copies of their DNA fragments or cells which takes the form of the molecular cloning. It can lead to the production of the multiple copies of the same organism depending on the provisions of the given biotechnology project. Even though the motive behind the activity is to produce a similar organism, it is as well possible to produce organisms with varying characteristics; therefore, the exact level of similarity with the original organism is not guaranteed.

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Probable Instances of Similarity and Difference


Intelligence is one aspect at which a clone would be different from the original organisms. This is based on the significant level of complication concerning the ability to similar in intelligence. However much intelligence is highly inheritable, the genes can only pass it on to the clone only in a condition that the original human beings have higher income levels, which is meant to keep the resulting organism always up to the target. However, according to Charles (2015), this condition is not constant and universal among human beings and those occupying the lower levels end up with dwarfed genetic effects due to the implications of the unfavorable environment. The clone and the original human beings could be living in different places with probable environmental; therefore, the similarity in intelligence is almost impossible.


The similarity between the clone human being and the original organism can be observed by studying their behavior. Behavior is a significant psychological aspect which is based on the genetic forces considered during the process of cloning. Since the clone shares the DNA with the original organism there is a high possibility that there is a considerable level of similarity in their behaviors. Knopman (2015) argued that this situation is possible as long as they do not encounter events which would otherwise inhibit the manifestation and action of the genetic component. The similarity is possible since a clone is just a second organism which is made o be identical hence they tend to behave the same. This can be drawn from the cases of the natural clones which imitate each other on behavioral perspectives. Therefore, there is some significant level of behavior which is expected between the two.



Nurture refers to the influence that the environment in which a clone is produced and raised, affect has on its qualities including its traits. If a human being is cloned, the clone will be given an opportunity to live in an environment which could be different from that of the natural human being used to clone it. Every environment has its unique qualities hence the effects on the organisms are equally unique (Charles 2015). The type and level of nurture have a strong influence on the clone's behavior and personality traits. The approach to therefore tends to make the organisms have some notable differences.


Nature refers to the power of the genetics which is transferred to the resulting organism during cloning. This is not drawn from one's environmental conditions but is rather based on the natural qualities passed to the clone and which are genetically based. Therefore, if a human being is cloned, it is important to determine the kind of traits to be passed and this remains a fixed attribute hence is referred to as an aspect of nature (Knopman, 2015). However, it is important to note that however much they are drawn elsewhere other than the environment, their manifestations depend on the quality of the environment in which a clone is nurtured. Nature is therefore considerably affected by nurture since the latter normally overwhelms the ability of the former.

Important Environmental Facts

The environment has a great role to play in determining the features of a clone. For instance, for instance, the environment dictates whether a clone will have some common features with the natural human being, or have significant variation. When a clone does not have the opportunity to interact with the initial organism, that is due to the environmental divide, their behavior and attitude may be totally different (Charles, 2015). However, being in the same environment may mean interacting with similar or related phenomena therefore possibly behave the same. Therefore, cloning with further provision of the same environmental condition promotes similarity in the clone.


Cloning is meant to produce a second organism of the same qualities however it is normally possible under certain conditions which may not be achieved by the provider. The genetic aspects are successfully passed to the clone and may manifest, however, the environment proves to be a considerable determinant in this manifestation. This is because the clones are nurtured concerning the conditions and the ability of the given environment; this further outweighs the ability of nature to be seen in the clone. It, therefore, follows that achieving similarity is not always easy.


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