Essay Sample on Politics and the Gilded Age

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Date:  2022-11-28

How does the Term "Gilded Age" Characterize American Society in the Late Nineteenth Century? In What Ways is this Characterization Accurate or Inaccurate?

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Gilded Ages, as well as the late nineteenth century, was a period of great economic growth and social change in America. Roughly, when these years are spanned between reconstruction and the beginning of the twentieth century, rapid urbanization, great transcontinental railroads' construction, industrialization, scientific and technological innovations, in addition to the rapid rise of great business. Subsequently, the first years of the twentieth century were controlled by progressivism. Progressivism is a political movement that was after redressing certain ills, which had emerged during the Gilded Age. The legislation was passed by progressives with the aim of reining in a great business, combatting corruption, protecting consumers, immigrants, poor and workers' rights and freeing government from the special interests.

With Farmers Still Representing A Significant Segment Of American Society, Why Did Government Officials-Democrats And Republicans Alike-Prove Unwilling To Help Find Solutions To Farmers' Problems?

From being the most successful business, the farming industry becomes so weak by 1800. Among the greatest challenges being faced by the farming industry was overproduction. The products of the industry's buildup in the market made it possible for their prices to be reduced. This is an indication that in as much as the industry was producing more products, the more they became in debt. Apart from overproduction, another challenged that this industry faced was the tariffs. Farmers were not happy with the wrong activities or actions towards them. As a result, they decided to start a revolution. Groups like the Populist Party, the Grange Farmers' Alliance together with the Greenback Party began to emerge. Such groups knew the struggles, which the farmers had been going through. Nevertheless, the Democrats and the Republicans were not mindful of this.

Despite Its Relative Weakness During This Period, The Federal Government Made Several Efforts To Provide A Measure Of Relief For Struggling Americans. What Were These Initiatives? In What Ways Were They More Or Less Successful?

Despite the federal government's relative weakness, they ensured that they were informed about what farmers were taught in the past years. Also, the interest of the government was in the patronage in addition to the spoils systems since it was looking forward to a ways of maintaining its power. The federal government only had little support for individuals who were after being employed or providing direct help to needy citizens. Since the government had not to face this before, Americans had a tough time looking elsewhere (OpenStax College, 2014).

Moreover, it is also important to note that the federal government's intention was to offer a solution, especially when the economy of the country was growing worse. The government allowed the populist group to grow since they were assumed to be a viable solution to what America was going through. Nevertheless, it reaches moments when this growth was not meaningful. The government also acted as a kind of contract between the people and their leaders and the representative government was responsible for protecting property, liberty, and life of Americans.

The federal government, such as the British government, were so much interested in preventing bloodshed together with other costly wars. Nevertheless, it reached a point when they started, by increasing taxes at home; they increased taxes, hence affecting the economic growth of the country.


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