Essay Example on Mexican-American War: A History of Conflict and Refuge

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Mexican-American war forms an essential part of history existing between Mexico and America. The war began in 1846 between Americans and Mexicans (Samora, 2019). The primary cause of the conflict was the territories located at the border. The war got fueled when some American citizens got attacked in Mexico. The attack happened immediately after the Americans had gotten liberated, gained independence, and were relocating to the western part of the country to seek refuge. However, the region of the west was not a United States region. It intensified the tension between the two conflicting nations. After several conflicts and disputes, the Mexican-American war began in 1846 and lasted for two years (Samora, 2019). Some United States citizens decided to grab land in Texas and California, which was considered Mexican territory. The primary impact of this war was that there were many casualties and deteriorated living standards. The Mexican-American war was a tragic incident that involved two warring nations, America and Mexico, and harmed both the Americans and the Mexicans.

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Overview of the Mexican-American War

The Mexican-American war occurred between the Americans and the Mexicans. It commenced in 1846 and ended in 1849 (Samora, 2019). The primary cause of the conflict can be traced back to Texas, gaining its independence from Mexico in 1836 (Samora, 2019). Immediately after the Texas revolution, which was after the Battle of San Jacinto. Mexico failed to acknowledge that Texas was an independent republic, and they were propelled to take military action in Texas (Samora, 2019). However, the United States, Britain, and France intervened, preventing Mexico from sanctioning its military to take over Texas. In the next nine years, many states favored joining together to form the United States except Washington. The residents of Washington feared the Mexicans, and they did not want to join other countries from creating a united nation.

After James. K. Polk got elected in 1845 (Samora, 2019). Texas became part of the United States. However, after some time, several disputes emerged with the Mexicans over the Texas border. Both parties had different opinions about the border with some of the arguing that it was located along the Rio Grande, while others argued that the edge was along river Nueces. The situation was very intense, and the two parties sent troops to guard the border. Polk decided to lower the tension by sending John Slidell to Mexico to commence the negotiations. Polk's idea was to buy the land from the Mexicans. Polk offered the Mexicans $30 million in exchange for accepting that the property at the Rio Grande and the surrounding territories belonged to the Americans (Samora, 2019). In 1846, Polk instructed General Zachary Taylor to take his army and set up a position along with the Rio Grande territory (Samora, 2019). Polk was trying to respond to the threats declared by the Mexican President, Mariano Paredes, during his inauguration speech. The president declared that he would take back the Mexican territory, which included the Sabine River and entire Texas. War emergence happened when Mexican troops crossed Taylor's forces, which sparked war termed as Mexican-America war. The focus needs to get shifted on the effects caused by the conflict between those two countries is also an ideal aspect of the overview of the war in the region.It is imperative to focus on the effects of the Mexican-American war, which is an ideal part of the overview of the war that occurred in the year 1846 (Samora, 2019). Loss of land through illegal acts and mass deaths derived from the Mexico-American war in the region. The overview of the war incorporates a series of events that happened during those warring times; this includes the congress declaration of war, and the United States swept to victory in the region. The two events get marked with several activities, which include attempts to buy, sell, and to regain the land. Each event about the war gets mentioned and discussed below in detail.

Congress Declared war

Congress's declaration of war presents a series of events that took place during that period. The events got derived from several reasons, including troops sent to Mexican that later led to the emergence of war, which accounts for part of the Mexican-American War in the region. Sending troops was triggered by the urge created by President James Polk to acquire land using legal means, but the war resulted in the death of settlers from both nations, the United States and Mexico. War emergence resulted from several factors that include invasion and unexpected attack from the Mexican Troops to Taylor's troop after the failed mission of lands bargain between the two countries, which sparked and enhanced continuous war between America and Mexico.

The declaration of war by congress got immensely based upon information sent regarding the nature of war and its progress between America and Mexico. Upon Taylor's troop feeding congress with information regarding the nature of war, Mexican troops got negatively inspired and crossed bounders and declared war on the United States lands. Additionally, the report from the soldiers stated that Americans settlers shed blood from the evil act of the Mexican troops, which promoted and facilitated the congress's declaration of war. The announcement of war by congress resulted in the death of Mexican forces and settlers during the Mexican-American war. The troops lost lives on their land, which impacted the country negatively.

US Forces Sweep to Victory

US forces victory also forms an essential section or part of what happened during those early days in the Mexican-American war. US forces swept to win since they enjoyed several advantages over the neighboring country, Mexico. Well industrialized regions, equipped military and guns, as well as resources and divided troops of Mexico, present an essential list of advantages that aided US forces to sweep to victory quickly and faster. In the case of divided soldiers of Mexico, the act made such troop weaker.

During the war, Winfield Scott received exceptional support that came with several immense influences from the Mexicans like their division. The division got majorly based upon the decision of Santa Ann and his resumption as a dictator. American troops won every major battle that happened in that era since Mexican contingents were weaker compared to American troops during the Mexican-American war.

Conquered New Mexico

General Stephen, in summer, conquered Mexico, termed New Mexico using his powerful troop. It was a significant exhibition that generated a positive impact on American troops, and a war started. The American troops, alongside the fight, helped most of its settlers from all-out war.

Winfield Scott Command

After American troops had won all wars and significant goals set by Polk, Winfield Scott gave an order that led to another war that accounts for part of the Mexican-American War in the region (Samora, 2019). It involved the United States navy army defending their nation after Mexican troops invaded the port city. Despite a series of war achievements by the United States of America troops, Scott, the dictator, continuously kept on attacking Mexican forces and taking various parts of the region, including the sized port of the Mexican. Later on, Scott experienced an excellent and bitter resistance from the Mexican troop by the Mexican cadets in the region. Scott continued with a series of attacks and invasions in Mexico. In 1847 September, the dictator captured Mexican city, which marked an essential trigger in the Mexican-American (Samora, 2019). The continued war involved a series of fights and invasions between the two countries, although America won most of the time since it had readily available resources within the state.

In conclusion, the Mexican-American war include causes of the war, effects, events, and countries involved. Cases about what happened to cover activities of the war, congress declaration of the war, and swept of US forces to victory and conquering New Mexico. Mexican troops lost in most instances since their troops got divided.


Samora, J. (2019). The History of the Mexican-American People: Revised Edition. University of Notre Dame Press.

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