Essay Sample on Plastic Pollution Crisis: A Threat to the Environment

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Date:  2023-02-27

According to Parker (2019) in her article, The World's Plastic Pollution Crisis explained the Author identifies plastic pollution a critical issue in the world. The production rate of disposable plastic products is increasingly high to an extent plastic waste issue is becoming a threat to the environment. Parker (2019) identifies plastic bags, bottles, and wrappers as the major examples of plastic waste. According to the Author, most developing countries have inefficient or non-existent garbage collection or lack of waste management system, which contributes to immense plastic pollution. Noticeably, developed countries with low recycling rates also have a challenge in collecting and handling waste materials. The article proceeds to identify the process through which plastic waste is broken into small particles known as microplastics by sunlight, wind and wave action. Unfortunately, the aquatic animals end up consuming the microplastics. Aquatic animals such as fish and sea birds are examples of aquatic animals that susceptible to microplastic. The microplastics are broken further into smaller pieces known as plastic microfibers that easily find themselves in water that human beings consume. Further, the article further identifies human beings as the immediate victims in the food chain as they consume fish and other aquatic animals. Therefore, the fish and sea birds, which happen to be the meal for most people especially those residing along the coastal region, affect the health of these particular individuals. These plastics block the digestive organs leading to the demise of people. Other research suggests that waste material reduces appetite among people resulting in their starvation. Moreover, plastics affect animals living on the land once they consume the plastics that are not disposed properly, consequently leading to death. It is important to note that the rivers act as the conveyor belt of waste materials to large water bodies such as the ocean. Interestingly, towards the end of the article the author has suggested the possible remedy to control waste drainage into the rivers and oceans. The Author believes better recycling procedures, establishment of waste management system, reducing manufacture of single-use plastics, and take into account short disposable materials is a solution towards solving the menace of plastic waste issues.

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Citing the evidence from the article, the Author is articulate on the main issue of plastic waste management because she understands the impact the issue has on the whole world. As a fact, the author has vividly described how the waste matter affects aquatic life with later affects human beings in the food chain when they consume the fish that have already ingested contaminated plastic waste. In most cases, the evidence presented by the author is true. For instance, I agree with the author's bold stance that the rivers are the conveyor belt that channels the waste material into the large water bodies such as the ocean. Another fact I agree with is the evidence provided under the Ocean in a pictorial illustrating shark moving past a polythene waste paper. Through that picture, the author has explained how plastic waste gets into the body of the aquatic animals that later pose a threat to aquatic life and even to human life.

Furthermore, the Author has presented statistical data to proof the crisis of plastic waste. I settle on the fact almost half of the total plastics manufactured are not more than 15 years old. I agree with this because most plastics have a short lifespan and serve as career bags almost daily. Another statistical evidence indicated 65 years ago, the production of plastics exponentially increased from 2.3 million to 448 million. Besides, it is discovered that yearly, almost 8 million plastic bags are discharged to the ocean. Owing to the pieces of evidence provided in the context of the article, I agree with the research of the author that indeed the issue of plastic waste has become rampant and its effect is far-reaching.

Despite being a major pollutant of the environment, plastics have had a positive influence in areas as medicine with life-saving devices, space travel, saving lives through helmets, and incubators, and improving the equipment that ensures there is safe water for consumption. The number of plastics produced tends to increase daily, adding to the huge amount of plastics already existing and which take a long time to decompose. However, according to my opinions, the measures to deal with plastic materials do not confine us to believe that is the only way we can handle the issue of plastic waste. There are many other alternative solutions, which can deployed to deal with this crisis. First, the relevant environmental agencies should come up with a framework that deals with proper waste disposal. More so, finding alternative substitutes for plastic bags so that the manufacture of plastic bags stops completely. Also, reducing the rate of manufacturing single-use plastics and having a better product design that takes into consideration the short life of disposable packaging. Therefore, the positive side of the article is plastic products have a positive impact on the life of individuals. So long as we will view the existence of plastics being of a positive impact, their production will continue increasing as days go by. By acknowledging that plastics are not good for human health, this will be the first step in eradicating the plastic waste pollution. Not a single individual would wish to risk their lives because of plastics, which they can otherwise do without them. On accepting that plastics do not form a part of their life, human beings will turn to the use of other biodegradable items in place of plastics.


Parker, L. (2019, June 7). The world's plastic pollution crisis explained. Retrieved from

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