Essay Sample on Persuade Your Audience: Understand the Art of Effective Communication

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Date:  2023-01-05


Effective persuasive communication addresses the needs, desires, and values of the audience. The audience always responds well to persuasive communication when they think the speaker is similar to them in a way, either by age, economic status or by occupation. If one can understand the art of persuasive communication, they are likely to win the support of others, unify the team and influence them to work together. (Suter & Arthur).To persuade your audience, one has to demonstrate their authority and credibility. One has to grab the audience attention and explain to them why they should listen to his ideas or suggestion before he can persuade them. It is easy to persuade your audience if you can make them understand how your proposal is of benefit to them.

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Public speaking assists in clarity of communication and persuasion, which motivates, influences others and sometimes inspires change. Practicing in an interesting and a low-pressure environment may help you overcome initial challenges on your road to public speaking. A strong presence is an overlooked factor of public speaking, so one should always remember to maintain a good posture. A public speaker can make their speech effective by having eye contact with individuals and moving closer to the audience (Ellie, 2018).

With the help of what I have learned in class, it is now easy for me to address a public audience and be able to capture their attention by using the strategies that I have learned. I have also understood that the ability to persuade in a critical factor in the business environment because every day, one has to convince their employees to work towards the company goal and to be able to persuade your clients to consider your suggestions. Using persuasive public speaking can give you a significant advantage over your peers and rivals. It may also be of help to you anytime you want to impress your boss. Standing up in front of an audience and speaking about what you do make people have a better perception of you than rivals since they now know you. I may also apply public speaking when I want to expand my business by inspiring greater change and making others view you as a management material through effective public speaking.

Most nonprofit organizations are responding to social or market failures that offer people's good to the recipient and public goods to the communities, environment and the economies. The organizations strive to raise awareness but are mostly boxed in which the idea of trying to build a business to justify their existence. They make sure they provide resources where they can do the necessary change management. Other nonprofit organizations are working hard on public policy research day after day that protects people and the environment in their neighbors and on a global scale. The nonprofit and funders share the same space, and all have similar responsibilities of participating in a system that of charity based in capitalism.

If I were to begin and change the course, I would approach this course differently by not only having groups to discuss this topic. I would suggest that every student is given a particular question to go and research and the professor to give a deadline of when the research should be done. This would help people go further, look for more details individually, and avoid the monotony that is always in-group discussions. Most members seem to be dormant, and they do not contribute when divided into groups. Every individual would later come and give their presentation in front of the class.

One of the areas our group was keen on developing was the issue of storytelling or how one can tell a story by cramming all the information at once. I found out that this was a similar interest in most of the groups. We also found almost the same answer, which was, when one is using the storytelling approach, it is okay to have dramatic gestures since it creates a stronger bond between you and your audience as you walk through the journey together. Most of the groups were also keen on wanting to learn how to be confident and how to speak comfortably in front of people. The groups realized that no trick is able to boost confidence. It comes out with a combination of the preparation done before the delivery of the speech and the knowledge of what is constituted in effective communication, which will send away your fears.


After going through the whole course and completing it successfully, I realized that all that while I had not understood what is effective communication properly. I also realized that I was not confident and could not stand up before an audience and give a speech. I did not know the use of body language, and when if I used any, I used in the wrong manner. I believe that after successfully finishing the course, I can deliver a speech and capture all the audience attention. The most challenging part I encountered in the course was when my group appointed me as their representative. It was challenging since I had not yet gained the confidence of speaking in front of people.


Ellie, W. (2018). Effective persuasive Communication. NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

Suter, E., Arndt, J., Arthur, N., Parboosingh, J., Taylor, E., & Deutschlander, S. (2009). Role understanding and effective communication as core competencies for collaborative practice. Journal of interprofessional care, 23(1), 41-51.

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