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Date:  2022-11-01


Organizational culture is the underlying assumptions, values, and beliefs of interacting in an organization to contribute to a unique psychological and social environment for a firm. It mainly included firm's philosophy, experience, and expectations as the values that guide member behavior and is expressed in member inner workings, interactions with the outside world, self-image, and future expectations (Hogan, & Coote, 2014). This begs the question of why Is organizational culture important? Corporate culture is crucial in an organization as it determines how employee interact in the workplace.

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Moreover, it promotes healthy competition in the workplace. Additionally, it indicates the predefined policies and guideline for employees in the workplace. Organizational, culture creates a brand image for the organization.

The essential principles of organizational culture include focusing on critical behaviors, change behaviors and mindsets will follow, working within and with the current cultural situations, deploying the authentic informal leaders, and not letting formal leaders off the hook (Naranjo-Valencia, Jimenez-Jimenez, & Sanz-Valle, 2016). Although it might be challenging, difficulty and multidimensional to deal with corporate culture the situation may comprise of a powerful set of emotional resources. The best way to start is by asking a few questions, and they might include what few behavioral changes will matter? Who are formal authentic informal leaders to enlist? What are the most critical emotional forces to determine what people do? The article has a good understanding of what corporate culture encompasses but the student has failed to ask and answer the above-discussed questions.

The three dimensions of organizational culture that affect its alignment are keystone behaviors, symbolic reminders, and mindsets (Hartnell, Kinicki, Lambert, Fugate, & Doyle Corner, 2016). They are the most powerful determinates of change in the organization. In order to obtain the positive influences in the organization, one should focus on changing the critical behaviors, and the mindset will then follow. Over time, there will be better results.


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