Maximizing Human Resources for Success: The XYZ Company Story - Paper Example

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Date:  2023-10-29


Human resource management is one of the most crucial functions in an organization. Human resource management ensures that the available human resources in an organization are utilized in the best way to attain success and meet the organization's goals. Managers come up with strategic designs to ensure that they optimize the available human resources. The success of any organization depends on how well the employees are satisfied and the readiness to execute their duties. As the XYZ Company’s human resource manager, I would develop several strategic methods to instill a high-performing culture and motivation amongst the employees. This paper presents some of the strategies that I would adopt to enhance the company's compelling performance.

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Importance of Managing Human Resources

As a manager, I am aware that human resources are vital to the organization's performance. Hence I will be looking forward to getting the best out of our skilled workforce. Human resource management involves hiring, recruitment, management, and giving employees the right direction (Mayhew, 2014). It is essential to understand the core competencies that employees have to manage them effectively. Some of the core competencies employees have include communication skills, technical skills, and problem-solving skills. It is essential to tap on these skills and use them for the good of the company.

Human resource management can help XYZ company in many ways. Human resources take part in the strategic planning of an organization; the administration cannot do it all. XYZ Company will require a collective contribution of all employees, and this can happen through appropriate human resource management. Employees participate in research, recommend, and implement the company's policies; hence it is vital to carry them along through an effective human resource management strategy (Mayhew, 2014).

Human resource management helps train and improve employee's performance (Mayhew, 2014). As a manager for XYZ, I would assess the current workforce of the company and decide how to improve the available workforce or hire others to bridge the gap. Human resource management can help me as the manager of XYZ discover and assess employees' satisfaction and come up with measures to boost the morale of the dissatisfied employees. Motivated employees can move mountains; hence it is crucial to continuously monitor employees' satisfaction to help them deal with their challenges.

Recruitment and Retention

Having top-tier employees is critical for any company that intends to attain success (Mayhew, 2014). Through recruitment, managers can bring in new talents and make organizations more competitive. In XYZ, I will ensure that the employees are recruited to meet the company's specifications. The company will face stiff competition, and the only way to come out of this successfully is by having competitive employees. In the recruitment process, I will focus on the core competencies that the prospective employees have. I will consider what the employees will bring to the company that it does not have. I intend to improve the performance of the company so that we can attract employees of high caliber. I plan to reinforce all the departments by filling them with the best available candidates.

As companies recruit new employees, they must also find the means to retain the existing ones. As employees become more experienced, their values rise, and they are more likely to draw the attention of other organizations. It is essential to keep them happy so that they can continue offering their services. I intend to boost the existing employees' satisfaction by rewarding them appropriately. Rewarding employees somewhat makes them feel that their contribution is valued (Mayhew, 2014). Rewarding can be in monetary or non-fiscal. For instance, increasing the salaries and giving cash rewards to the employees is monetary. Giving gifts and promotions is a form of non-monetary award to the employees. Rewarding employees improve their commitment because they feel that they are part of their organizations' big plans. Open communication and transparency are also crucial in ensuring that the employees stay satisfied. I will openly communicate with XYZ employees to tackle challenges together.

Fair Treatment and Legal Compliance

XYZ will ensure that all the employees get treated impartially. Favoring some groups, for instance, in promotions creates mistrust; this can lead to misjudgments from the employees (Odina, 2020). It is vital that all the employees feel that the system is fair. I will ensure appropriate treatment by enhancing transparency and openness. It is essential to give employees all the information to clear doubts off. I will do the rewarding openly and explain to the employees why a particular person deserves the rewards. It is challenging to satisfy all the employees, but then I will communicate with them to convince them that XYZ is fair.

I will ensure XYZ adheres to legal compliances. As a human resource manager, I will ensure that XYZ recruits the right talent without any means of corruption. Workers will get the positions they deserve, not because we are friends or they are from family. Conducting audits is essential to minimize risks and ensure that workers comply with organizations' standards and follow the countries law (Odina, 2020). XYZ will support the state laws, such as protecting employees, compensating workers, and respecting employment contracts.

Training and Development

Managers train employees to ensure that they coordinate well with the company's activities. I intend to introduce a training program in XYZ Company. Training should not be a one-time thing when an organization acquires new employees; instead, it should be a continuous process (Noe & Kodwani, 2018). With the recent growth of technology, organizations purchase new equipment regularly. It is essential to keep the workforce up to date through regular training. Even though organizations acquire employees with the needed skill sets, it is necessary to keep training them to keep them at the bar with the company's specifications.

As a manager and leader, I would like to develop other employees to take after me. Some companies fail because they do not plan early in advance. It is vital to observe the skills of the workers then develop some take management positions in future (Noe & Kodwani, 2018). With proper development, XYZ will not need to hire other managers.

Effective Organizational Design

I plan to implement an effective organizational design to ensure that all activities within the organization run perfectly. I will enhance the transparent flow of information from top to the employees. Communication enhances operations and collaboration among workers (Burton et al., 2020). I will ensure that workers focus on organizational goals. I will set small goals that will act as a stepping stone towards reaching XYZ's significant goals. I will work with the employees to ensure that they stick to the company's structure. Disorganization can result in colossal failure in any organization. I intend to avoid that by setting guidelines for the employees to follow. In every organization, mistakes occur, in XYZ, I will work with employees to help them move above their mistakes.

Promoting and Sustaining a Positive Culture and Embracing Organizational Change

Creating a positive culture within an organization depends on the manager-employee relationship. If employees feel free with their managers, there is a possibility of creating a good working environment (Romanelli, 2018). I intend to connect with my workers and ensure that they feel free when they are around me. I do not want to create an environment where workers are afraid of their managers. When workers are free, they can share their problems, which can in finding solutions and satisfy them. I intend to create such an environment in XYZ for all employees to feel part of the company. It is crucial for its development. I want to build a culture where employees can stand support and learn from each other.


To conclude, I intend to improve the performance of XYZ by improvising new, improved standards. I want to create an environment where workers attain satisfaction from their activities. I aim to train and improve the workers' skills to raise them to standards that XYZ requires. It is not an easy process because workers are different, but with enough support from the XYZ, I can make things work. I will recruit people with the appropriate skills to keep the level of the company's performance at peak.


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