Essay Sample on Parents and Teachers: Working Together for Student Success

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Date:  2023-01-12


There is a large body conducted research and studies with the aim of identifying the positive impact of parent partnerships and the success of the students and not only in school but also throughout their life. Teachers cannot educate children without reaching out to the parents and when they work together, the student will not only be successful in school but also in their lives as well. To achieve this respect, responsibility and relationships must be incorporated in this partnership. In the building of respect, both parties are of value, trusted and respected. The needs of the students are given a priority from the bases of all their interactions. In both, there is a recognition that the family's perspective is of value in the provision of insight and availing information as to what the student might need to be successful in school. To achieve this the teacher should take an initiative of involving the parent in the decision-making process because parents are full partners and that information is important and this will also help practice open door policy in school.

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In responsibilities neither the parent nor the school blames the other for what might not be working, instead, their duty is to claim responsibility for all school success. Besides the responsibility of the school creating a conducive environment for the student's studies while the student is in school, parents also have a responsibility of providing school-friendly homes where the parents reinforce education, helping with homework and always ensure that importance of school is reinforced. This can be achieved by ensuring that as a teacher you are connected to the parents to gather information about their children from them as they share their journey with that child.

When respect and a sense of responsibility are abundant then the doors to meaningful relationships are opened. Relationships have an aim of building trust and in turn, trust sustains a quality partnership between the parties. This can be achieved by creating an occasional meeting where the parties discuss the matters affecting the students in the education in both school and home environment which also creates a sense of belonging since they are part and parcel of the decisions made for their children.

Working with colleagues to implement strategies like annual general meetings to create an opportunity for the teacher-parent interaction would play a major role. This would help understand the students better and create an effective approach for me and my colleagues in the class work. An example of a situation is where I would a department to ensure that parent and teachers can exchange information that affects the students in class and at home. In doing this teachers and parents can both get involved in the development of the student both in class and outside thus students can be well equipped academically and gain life skills to help them establish themselves.

Building Relationships and Trust

Improving the relationship of students with teachers has an important and positive lasting implication on both students' academic development and social development. Solely improvement on the student's relationships with teachers does not produce gains however students who have this close relationship with their teachers are likely to attain higher levels of achievement than those with a conflicting relationship. This creates a bond based on trust and thus students are more open to their teachers. This can be achieved by teachers offering more constructive guidance to the students. Teachers should also praise them rather than criticizing the students and when this is done students are more likely to trust their teachers.

I would work with colleagues to implement weekly class discussion groups where students are free to inquire questions they might have from the teachers. By doing this, a quality relationship and trust are built between my colleagues and the students. An example where. An example, if I was in a department where not all students score highly, I would urge teachers to give remedial teaching to all students irrespective of a fail or pass to avoid some students feeling discriminated and encourage them to unleash their full potential by encouraging them to always ask questions during the discussions where they face difficulties. This establishes a relationship in and out of class and thus helps the students perform better.

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