Essay Sample on Obstacles to Sharing Knowledge

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Date:  2022-11-17


Knowledge sharing is where certain expertise exchanges knowledge with colleagues in a specific setting. Sharing helps in increasing the level of productivity because this makes it easier for the other members to embrace the best working formula. Technology has enabled the sharing of knowledge amongst individuals through websites. The moment knowledge is shared, a company increases the output but also some skills become dominant. Obstacles to sharing experience in an organization lead to poor service to the customers and across the workers.

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Organizations do not seclude time for the discussion amongst the members. Interaction is significant in sharing knowledge (Peng, Zhang, & Dubinsky, 2019). Skills help in efficiency while working and thus high productivity. Contact time should be set aside for the workers of a specific company to discuss their weakness and come up with solutions.

Presence of skilled members who are rigid forms an obstacle in knowledge sharing. Members tend to fear the sharing of knowledge due to job security. An expert in a particular field in the company is maintained to provide a required workforce (Kaur & Misra, 2019). Individuals avoid sharing knowledge to other members to remain relevant in the company. Individuals tend to be mean in sharing the experience to make sure the company retains them in preference of their understanding. As a KM practitioner, I recommend the sharing of knowledge to make sure the workers at a work station are all round, and this will improve productivity.

Poor communication leads to slowing down of production or workers getting the wrong information. Effective communication is essential in an organization (Kremer, Villamor, & Aguinis, 2019). People work towards achieving the same goal when the communication is effective. The information is either communicated verbally or through written means. As KM practitioner I will recommend effective communication because it helps in working towards the same goals. The organization becomes unique compared to other organizations. Crowdsourcing increases the level of productivity because the best and effectives ways can be sampled and put in practice. To its disadvantage, lethargy can be encouraged to the workers.

Knowledge is critical in our day to day life. The organization works towards delivering the best services compared to others. Knowledge and skills should be shared to improve efficiency in organizations. Time wastage is reduced because all workers can handle the tasks independently. Also, much time is saved because all workers can be able to handle all tasks alone.


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