Essay Sample on Negotiating for Win-Win Outcomes: Styles & Skills

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Negotiation style and skills can be defined as the personal ability of an individual to bargain effectively with a second party or someone with aims, needs, and viewpoints, which is different from theirs. It is done with the aim of reaching a neutral ground for the parties involved. It is crucial to note that the parties which are involved in the negotiation are all aiming to obtain the best result which is on their favor, thus for themselves or for the institution which they represent at the talks.

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Negotiation is not only about one's ability to get their way, but it takes into consideration how individuals' relationships with other people within the conservative society. In the business world people have varying needs, aims, wants and belief which needs to be brought together during the negotiation, therefore there is likely to be conflict and disagreement on trying to make each individual satisfied (Salacuse, 1999). Having employees with an excellent or extraordinary talk will contribute to the success of the company and can result in more profit-making.

How Personality Style of Key Players Influence the Negotiation Process

Personality can be defined as the combination of characteristics patterns of a person, which involve thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that make a person unique from other people. Personality is natural, and it rises from within an individual and is likely to remain consistent throughout the entire life. An attractive personality, when combined with excellent communication skills, can help in achieving an effective negotiation. During the process of negotiation, the parties or the people who are involved must try to be themselves and should not fake things or seek to be kind to please the other party. It is not healthy in negotiation for one to pretend to be satisfied with the deal, while in the real sense, the person is dissatisfied. The importance of being sincere plays a significant role during the negotiation process. The sincerity can be counted as one of the essential personality traits which are needed during the process of negotiations for effective negotiations (Carnevale, & Isen, 1986).

The parties involved advised never to take matters casually and should be well prepared with the agenda for the negotiation. Honesty is another personality that is crucial in the talks; during the negotiations, it is essential to maintain a high level of reliability, which also predicts an individual level of integrity. It will help to win the trust of another party during the process of negotiations. Even though distinct personalities would follow a given direction, it is essential to note that having an awareness of how we are wired will allow for a given modification approach to fit in the negotiation process. The ability of an individual to access creativity plays a significant role in successful negotiation as it will allow one to look for possible insight different from the obvious ones.

How Personality Style of Key Players Impact the Likelihood of Conflict

From the primary causes of conflict, we realize that the personality differences between two or more parties become a significant conflict origin. The personality traits may be explored according to the interactions, and the characteristics of individuals involve in the argument. Also, the perception of conflict and the preference of handling and solving the disputes to emerge between parties. This topic will help to elaborate on the personality traits in determining the origin of conflict and the performance in conflict resolution. The people who are humble and being perceived to be less conflict are not likely to be in disagreement with each other in a negotiation.

The emotionally stable people are, on most occasions, can engage in the argument for a long time without any possibility of conflict between the parties involved (Booth, 2001). It is important to note that conscientiousness, openness, and emotional stability will help conflict management and determine the relationship of different people who are engaged in arguments or negotiations. It is individual personality characteristics that make them more sensitive about being involved in the conflict and handling conflict disagreement.

Where Negotiating Style Fit Within the Analysis

People have different negotiation styles. During the negotiations, people will bring sets of experiences, skills, and tools which will allow them to interact with each other effectively and improve their talks. My negotiation style is a collaborative style that will enable I win, and you win the model. The collaborative style aims at making all parties that are involved have their proposal met during the negotiations. In the cooperative, the negotiators mainly aim at building and strengthening the business or social relationship between them without the interest of profit-making. I like the collaborative because it makes me gains the confidant of reaching an agreement, having in mind that both parties must win. It involves the willingness of the parties to invest time in finding the best solutions, which will enable them to strengthen the relationship.

The Best Personality/Negotiation Style for Any Negotiation

I would not conclude that there is the best negotiation style than the other. Still, some research suggests that the negotiators who have a primary cooperative method like the collaborative are more successful than hard bargainers. Negotiators who adopt the I win you win model are likely to attain the novel solutions that make every party happy with the findings. The negotiators who lean towards cooperation and aiming at maintaining the relationship between parties would be more satisfied with the results of the negotiation process.

The Role of Ethics in Any Negotiation

Ethics means having morals principles and values to respect and obey the rules and the standards that are governing the conduct of people within society. Ethics act as the necessary foundation of doing the right thing without being watched or forced by the law. It will involve the humanity of being honest and fair to other parties. Ethics will help in protecting the reputation of the negotiators during the bargaining process. With a good reputation, there will be trust, which is the fundamental requirement in the negotiation. It is worth noting that the process of building a good reputation is not easy, and it must be gradual. The status will guide the stand and the terms which are set for the negotiation process.


It is the responsibility of every individual or business person to build powerful negotiation skills. This will assist in becoming a perfect deal maker. Building a good reputation with honesty and self-respect helps to make a person good negotiators. When negotiating the parties involve should adopt the model of I win, you win as this will build trust and bring new opportunities amongst the parties involved.


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